Image for PACK-IT™ REVEAL GARMENT FOLDER from EagleCreek United States
$24.95 -  $34.95

Getting off a long flight late at night or early in the morning, the last thing you want to do is head to your hotel to iron your dress shirts. Keep your best clothes unwrinkled with packing envelopes.

Specially designed packing cubes keep clothes wrinkle-free

We offer plenty of packing organizers for the savvy traveler, but everyone who's traveled with dress clothes knows that sometimes, organization isn't enough. Now you can avoid wrinkling in blouses, slacks, and more. Augment your favorite packing cube set with a Pack-It garment folder. The folding board offers structure and features a folding guide for the best way to keep clothes wrinkle-free.

Packing folders protect more delicate garments

Compress wings secure your items in place. Adjustable stretch compression allows your garment packer to serve as everything from a shirt folder for an overnight trip to a garment saver for a week-long conference. The folding instruction board adds structure to the packing envelope and keeps your garments secure. Our Pack-It™ Reveal Garment Folder even comes in different sizes, allowing you to pack for any length trip. Packing folders are a must-add item for the ​wish list of frequent travelers.

Easily organize with slim garment folders

Slide your garment folder in among the packing organizers that hold your t-shirts and other everyday clothes. The medium size and large garment folders fit in most carry-on bags, while the extra large is great in an Eagle Creek pack you plan to check. The quick-grab handle makes it easy to access in your suitcase or even tote around separately. Our packing folders are washable, so keep them fresh for your next trip.

Our packing folders are covered under our lifetime warranty.