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  • Ranger XE Crossbody 7L

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  • Explore Tote Pack 26L

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    Explore Tote Pack 26L - KAUAI BLUEExplore Tote Pack 26L - KAUAI BLUE
  • Explore Mini Messenger Bag

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    Explore Mini Messenger Bag - MIDNIGHT SUNExplore Mini Messenger Bag - MIDNIGHT SUN
  • Packable Waist Bag

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    Packable Waist Bag - ARCTIC SEAGREENPackable Waist Bag - ARCTIC SEAGREEN
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  • Stash Crossbody Bag

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  • Ranger XE Waist Pack 3L

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  • Stash Waist Bag

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Crossbody Bags

Shop crossbody bags ideal for travel and casual occasions. Made from lightweight, durable materials, our crossbody bags for men and women are designed to keep your belongings safe next to your body. Use the best crossbody bags for hands-free travel, knowing your valuables are safe and sound. And they’re also perfectly sized to use as a personal item on airplanes.

Crossbody Bags FAQs

What can I carry in a crossbody bag?

You can carry tons of personal items in women’s and men’s crossbody bags to keep your personal belongings, such as credit cards, IDs, cash, and passport, safe wherever you go. Additionally, a crossbody bag can double as a toiletry bag and carry many of your favorite travel accessories. Crossbody bags are ideal for when you have to multitask, such as carrying heavy luggage and duffel bags through a crowded airport. Instead of holding your bag in your hand, you can drape it over your shoulder and know it’s snug against your body.

What are some factors to consider when choosing a crossbody bag?

Your crossbody bag should offer hands-free carry of all your most important personal items. When shopping for a crossbody bag, consider the following factors:

  • Weight: Crossbody bags for women and men should be lightweight to provide a completely hands-free carry solution. For more hands-free options, check out our waist packs and money belts.
  • Size: A small crossbody bag can carry all your essentials, such as passports, driver’s license, chapstick, makeup, and more. However, you can also choose a larger crossbody bag that offers maximum storage with minimum bulk, making it easy to carry on adventures.
  • Comfort: No matter how much stuff you pack in your crossbody bag, it should never weigh you down or feel uncomfortable on your shoulders. Look for bags with strap keepers to prevent the bag from hanging or padding for comfortable wear.

Are crossbody bags good for traveling?

Crossbody bags are excellent for traveling because they’re small enough to be considered a personal item, allowing you to bring an extra bag as a carry-on. Additionally, they offer hands-free carrying, so you can carry and roll your luggage through the airport without having to juggle multiple bags at once.

What are the benefits of using a crossbody bag?

Small crossbody bags keep your essentials close to your body, preventing theft without holding onto your bag all day. Additionally, they’re convenient, making them excellent choices for travel or long adventures.

How do I choose the best crossbody bag?

Eagle Creek makes the best crossbody bags for travelers because our materials are durable, comfortable, and lightweight. With an Eagle Creek crossbody bag, you won’t have to worry about remembering to grab your purse before leaving for the airport, and they protect against theft because they wrap around your shoulders and across the body. We also provide our guarantee via the Eagle Creek Warranty to ensure your crossbody bag is covered no matter what adventures you take it on.