Sustainability isn’t the latest spin on how we roll. It’s woven through everything we’ve made for the last 50 years and shapes our plans for the future. Our functionally superior gear is built for a lifetime of travel (and then some) with mindfully sourced materials and minimal impact. Meaning the one place these bags won’t travel is to a landfill.


Longer Life Cycles
Better Materials
Conscious Environmental Choices

1. Longer Life Cycles

Keeping Products In Use

Here For The Long Haul

Making bags that stand the test of time is the simplest way to be sustainable. Our gear goes big on function and durability—because if it doesn’t fall apart, it doesn’t need to be replaced. Simple as that.

A Quick Fix

Travel takes a toll on even the best-made products. But we’re not asking you to take it easy. All our gear is covered by our No Matter What® Warranty, so you can repair your bag and keep exploring. It’s how we’ve kept 42,000 lbs of waste out of US landfills.
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Repairs Your Way

DIY Fixes

We hope you’ll never need to mend your bag, but sometimes things happen. Our DIY program gets you the parts you’ll need to patch up your travel buddy while keeping carbon output (and shipping costs) to a minimum.

Repair Center Network

If you’re not into the DIY thing, or you’ve got a bigger repair on your hands, we’ll set you up with a regionally based expert repair center. They’ll tune up your items and send ‘em back in time for the next adventure.

2. Better Materials

Using Responsible Fabrics

Not So New

We’re minimizing our use of virgin materials in favor of post-consumer and post-industrial recycled fabrics. By July 2024, 100% of our products will include at least one or more recycled materials. So your bag might be new to you, but it’s not new to this planet.

Fewer Chemicals

Weatherproof products don’t happen naturally, so we’re striking the balance between durable and chemical-heavy. Starting July 2024, we’re eliminating intentionally used PFAS from all new production. It’s the first step in our never-ceasing efforts to make our products safer for the planet.

3. Conscious Environmental CHOICES

Reducing Global Impact

Holistic Progress

When it comes to sustainability, we’re proud of our pedigree. But even with 50 years of ecological choices under our belt, we’re not resting on our laurels. We’re always adapting and focusing our efforts, so we can continue to be stewards of responsible travel.

Sustainable Since Day One

Sustainability is both the story of where we’ve been and the blueprint for where we’re going. We take our responsibility to both the planet and our community seriously, so as more resourceful technologies, better-recycled materials, and carbon-reducing business strategies emerge, you can bet we’ll be the first ones using them. Stay tuned.