Eagle Creek Face Masks: The Comfortable, Sustainable Choice

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face masks

The non-woven material and tons of convenient features make an Eagle Creek reusable face mask comfortable enough to wear all day—it will soon become your favorite mask!

Face masks are here to stay, as much as we’re all ready to put 2020 far behind us. For the foreseeable future—and potentially for years to come—wearing a mask will be the norm thanks to the pandemic. That’s why we’re introducing Eagle Creek’s non-woven fabric face masks, a comfortable, sustainable option to stay masked while outside your home.

While disposable masks may be helpful to stash in a purse or glove compartment for an emergency, washable, reusable fabric masks are by far the more sustainable and environmentally-friendly choice. In the past year, news outlets have already reported that a large quantity of disposable masks are polluting our oceans, something lovers of the outdoors want to help stop and prevent from getting worse. At Eagle Creek, we’re deeply committed to sustainability. Which is why our comfortable and reusable non-woven face masks are an obvious choice for eco-travelers.

Why We Created This Featherlight Face Mask

While a traveler’s top concern used to be getting a toiletry kit through TSA inspections, now staying healthy and germ-free on flights and while out in public is at the top of the list. Whether you’re going near or far, masking up is essential. Most people have a collection of face masks that get worn and washed—but comfort is key when it comes to wearing a face covering, especially for an extended period of time.

Why You’ll Love Our Comfortable Non-Woven Masks

Eagle Creek’s reusable face masks are made from featherlight material that’s comfortable for all-day wear. Made from a non-woven single layer of fabric that prevents unwanted moisture from penetrating the mask, it’s durable enough for everyday use and abuse. Each face mask also has a fitted construction with a front seam that prevents the mask from caving into the mouth and comes in two sizes, S/M and M/L.

The masks’ stretchy, convertible straps easily adjust from ear loops to a back of the head fastening option. These ear loops are long enough to comfortably accommodate larger faces and have integrated adjusters to modify the size and fit faces like a glove.

Our innovation in taking comfort to the next level doesn’t end there. The mask’s edge binding has a super soft feel and is made from comfortable sueded cotton for a high quality finish. It also features a double wire nose bridge to custom fit to the face. It comes with a detachable lanyard with removable hooks for convenient, hand-free carrying. Comfort is key on long flights, now with the consideration of making sure wearing a face mask from airport arrival to reaching home is comfortable, with easy breathability.

Picking the Right Face Mask for You

With its unique design features and versatility, our new reusable face masks are sure to become a favorite. The non-medical grade mask is made from a 70% non-woven poly and 30% nylon and comes in three solid colors (Black, Sahara Yellow, and Arctic Sea Green) and three fun prints (tulips, waves-mossy green, and waves-rising sun). Pick the size that’s right for you using our sizing guide.

With an affordable price of $14.95, buy several and stash them in your packing sac. (Insider tip: Use one sac for clean masks and another for used masks that need to be washed.)

With a new year and a vaccine upon us, we’re starting to plan trips again—our travel rosters are filling up with microadventures near home and a time when our wanderlust itch can be scratched is on the horizon. While you plan your trip and plan what you’ll bring along, also consider upgrading your packing system with our brand new Pack-It Packing Cube System, which makes organizing all your gear easy and convenient.

Grab your new Eagle Creek face mask whenever you hit the road!

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