Spring into Sustainability: Our 7 Favorite Eco-Friendly Buys

Young girl travels on high mountain in Vang-Vieng

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Young girl travels on high mountain in Vang-Vieng

If you’re a traveler who is conscious of the impact their adventures have on the planet, you’ll find thousands of sustainable itinerary options to consider when researching your next trip. However, don’t forget that socially conscious travel starts when you pack your suitcase.

The carbon footprint of your trip might not be entirely offset by your ethical itinerary so consider these eco-friendly travel buys to tip the balance back in Mother Earth’s favor.

How to Make Sure your Travel Gear is Eco-Friendly

To become a more eco-conscious traveler and ensure that your packing list has minimal environmental impact, here are some things to consider:

  1. Choose products made from recycled materials. In today’s market, there are innovative companies that make pretty much everything from recycled materials. Cloth, plastics, paper; from no waste soap bars to biodegradable water bottles and bamboo toothbrushes, consider how you can avoid adding waste to a landfill.
  2. Buy luggage covered by a No Matter What guarantee. It’s a fact that if you check your luggage on a flight or take it on public transport during a multi-stop trip, it will suffer bumps and scrapes, and may end up with a ripped seam or broken wheel. To ensure it doesn’t end up in the bin after just one trip, buy from a brand like Eagle Creek that offers a repair guarantee as well as bags made from strong recycled materials that won’t rip in the first place!
  3. Go PVC free. PVC is the single most environmentally damaging type of plastic; however, it has become one of the most widely used and is found in everyday items such as performance fabrics, children’s toys, and hospital supplies. PVC contaminates humans and the environment throughout its lifecycle (during its production, use, and disposal), however this isn’t widely known by consumers. Look after yourself and your planet by choosing to buy brands that use Bluesign® certified fabrics.

The considerations above are all at the heart of Eagle Creek’s sustainability ethos, which is to make quality products and support them with industry-leading warranties. Keeping gear out of landfills and making products with as little impact on the planet as possible is fundamental to Eagle Creek’s brand values and integral to its design process.

7 Eco-Friendly Travel Products

Ready for your next sustainable travel adventure? Start your trip prep now and fill your pack with our seven favourite eco-friendly travel buys:

A Smartloft Wool Jacket

Buy: Smartloft 150 Jacket ($220)

Here’s why: Whether you’re hiking up a mountain, or cruising at 35,000 feet, minimize the chance of your core temperature dropping (those long haul, overnight flights get pretty chilly!), with a Smartloft wool jacket. Built for performance, Smartwool’s production of Merino 250 base layers generates enough scraps to fill all their Smartloft wool jackets, saving 2.75 tons of Merino wool from the cutting room floor each year.

A Convertible Carry-On

Buy: Gear Warrior™ Convertible Carry On ($299)

Here’s why: Maximize your carry-on capacity with Eagle Creek’s spacious, wheeled bag that converts to a comfortable backpack when required: think running for an airport transfer or to catch a cab near your hotel. Sleek and versatile, the Gear Warrior™ Convertible Carry On comes with a removable daypack, which can be strapped to the front during long journeys. It’s also made from Bluesign® certified fabrics and comes with a repair guarantee.

Recycled PET Hiking Boots

Buy: Mt. Maddsen Lite Waterproof Hiking Boot ($110)

Here’s why: This sturdy outsole and rigid hiker from Timberland will take you from sidewalk to hillside with green credentials to boot. The outsole is made from 15% eco-friendly recycled rubber, its breathable mesh lining is 50% recycled PET, and it also boasts major components using at least 50% leather tanned in a facility rated Silver or higher, meaning the leather tannery sustainable considers energy use, waste production and water treatment.

A PVC-Free Duffel

Buy: Migrate Duffel ($99)

Here’s why: This stand-out duffel by Eagle Creek has a wide-mouth opening for easy access and converts into a backpack for maximum versatility on any adventure. Rest easy knowing you’re doing your part for the environment as all Migrate Duffels are constructed of bluesign® approved material. No PVC here people.

Seriously Comfy Travel Pants

Buy: Icebreaker Crush Pants ($140)

Here’s why: Whether you’re chilling in your hotel room or taking the red-eye cross country, these soft merino wool pants will help you dial into comfort. Made from 100% sustainably sourced, natural materials, Icebreaker’s pledge to support a healthier more sustainable future for our species and the planet will elevate the warm fuzzy feeling you get every time you wear them.

Space Saving Compression Sacks

Buy: Eagle Creek Pack-It™ ($29.95)

Here’s why: If you’re going to use plastics, reusable is the only way to go. Compress bulky garments and save up to 80% of your packing volume by using a large Eagle Creek Pack-It™ compression bag when you travel. This durable nylon-reinforced sac will come in handy not just for saving space, but also for keeping your clothing dry if your bag gets left out in the rain on the runway during transit.

A Stylish Waistpack

Buy: Wayfinder Waist Pack($35.95)

Here’s why: Go hands-free during the day, or separate your documents and cash from your main luggage when you travel. This waistpack is the ideal accessory for an organized traveler. Made from Bluesign® approved materials, including recycled fabrics harvested from landfills, travel in style knowing you’re looking after the planet in the process.

Want to make more of the opportunity to go green when you travel? These top eco-friendly travel buys will help you reduce your carbon footprint when you’re away from home.

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