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PackIt laydown


Eagle Creek’s reimagined Pack-It™ packing cubes offer you the versatility to roll, fold, and organize even the most challenging travel items, so you’re always ready in a snap for the next adventure.

For many, packing is a chore, and staying organized while living out of a suitcase can be a major challenge. Eagle Creek has made both tasks easier since first introducing its Pack-It™ line in 1996. Now, our reimagined packing cube collection takes packing to a whole new level. Our beloved packing cubes now meet you for every type of adventure you dream up. 

Looking for the best packing cubes for travel?

Discover our sustainable and breathable Pack-It™ Reveal cubes, a modern take on our beloved classic packing cubes; the ultra-lightweight Pack-It™ Isolate cubes for minimalist packers and over packers alike; and newcomers to the packing cube family, the Pack-It™ Gear cubes, a rugged and durable line perfect for your greatest adventures. 

Even better yet, the collection is manufactured at EveryStep to include eco-friendly, recycled materials, including bluesign®-approved fabrics (fabrics produced with a minimum impact on people and the environment). And, our new Pack-It packing cube collection still comes with the lifetime warranty you know and love! 

So whether you’re hitting the open road or hopping on a plane, keep reading to discover the best packing cubes for carry-ons, checked luggage, and everyday packing.


Meet Our Best Travel Packing Cubes Yet:




Pack-It™ Reveal

The bluesign® approved Reveal line features large, see-through mesh windows that allow you—and TSA officials—to easily see what’s inside. Use the small cubes to organize pajamas, undergarments, and accessories; medium Reveal cubes are perfect for everyday shirts and pants. Large cubes work great for packing sweatshirts, bulkier items, and gear, while specialty items such as the Pack-It™ Reveal Clean/Dirty Cubes, the Hanging Toiletry Kit, and Multi Shoe Cube make staying organized on the road a breeze.

If you’re traveling for work (whether as a leisure trip or as a digital nomad), Reveal packing cubes will protect and organize your essentials with a Laptop Sleeve and a handy E-Tools Organizer, which features plenty of pockets for cords, attachments, and other electronics. 


Best features of Reveal packing cubes

●      Large mesh window allows for visibility and breathability

●      Washable and water resistant

●      Climbing rope-inspired cord pullers

●      Angle zipper designed to support multiple packing styles

●      Made with 100% post-consumer recycled and bluesign® approved fabrics



Pack-It™ Isolate

Active and adventure travelers will be hard-pressed to find a better option than Eagle Creek’s Isolate line. Each Isolate packing cube and product is treated with Protx2™, an anti-microbial agent that fights odor-causing bacteria, so you don’t have to worry about your muddy, sweaty t-shirt getting the rest of your clothes dirty or making them smell—your clothes will stay smelling fresh for your entire journey. Not to mention, the translucent fabric makes it easy to see what’s inside while each cube’s lightweight construction offsets the weight of any additional gear you might have to carry—you’ll save every ounce of space possible while keeping your bag perfectly organized.

Whether you’re rolling vs. packing doesn’t matter with Isolate packing cubes, the best compression packing cubes are ones that allow you to maximize your luggage space. In addition to traditional packing cubes, our lightweight Isolate line features small and medium Compression Cubes that use a compression zipper to compact your clothing and gear further, a Shoe SacQuick Trip toiletry bagClean/Dirty Cube, and Laundry Sac (because sometimes you really do just need to quickly do a load of laundry on the road!). 


Best features of Isolate packing cubes

●      Ultra-lightweight construction 

●      Translucent fabric so you can see what’s inside

●      Washable and water resistant 

●      Angle zipper designed to support multiple packing styles

●      Treated with Protx2™ to prevent odor-causing bacteria



Pack-It™ Gear

When it comes to packing cubes, there’s nothing on the market like Eagle Creek’s new sustainable Gear line. Featuring durable and 100% recycled main body materials, every Gear packing cube is treated with a TPU laminate coating for maximum water resistance and additional protection for your stuff. Choose from small, medium and M X3(medium-sized with three times the depth) cubes to accommodate anything from small electronics to hiking boots. There’s also a Gear Quick Trip toiletry bag and an incredibly handy small and medium Gear Pouch—these can be attached inside or outside your luggage via handy loop attachments that take convenience to the next level.

If you travel with expensive or fragile gear, the Protect-It Cube is a must. Each Protect-It Cube has a padded interior and removable internal dividers to fit your gear. Opt for the small Protect-It packing cube for electronics and small accessories, and choose the medium cube for your camera equipment, binoculars, and similar pieces of delicate equipment that will document every moment of your every travel adventure


Best features of Gear packing cubes

●      Made from 100% recycled 900D poly twill fabric  

●      Durable and water resistant TPU laminate coating

●      Sturdy webbing handles 

●      Webbing loops that attach to other bags

●      PU coated water resistant main zippered compartment


Eagle Creek ensures there’s a Pack-It™ for every use and need, including expansion cubes, folders, sacs, toiletry kits, electronic organizers, laundry storage, intimates storage and even an organizational panel that converts to a lightweight pack. Our new innovative packing cubes are here and ready to join you on every bucket list adventure you dream up near or far. 

Pack-It™ Sets

If you’re wondering how to make your luggage lighter, consider our Pack-It™Sets, designed to give you everything you need to pack more effectively. These sets consist of different sizes of each of our signature brands to help you pack and protect everything in your suitcase while keeping it organized for travel.

Try our Reveal Cube Set, consisting of small, medium, and large sizes for everything from underwear to bulky sweaters. Or, try our Isolate compression cube set, which consists of the best compression cubes available on the market, for compacting your items and allowing you to store more in a single suitcase.

Add our Essentials Set to your ultimate travel packing checklist to help you pack your carry-on and maximize your available space.

Best features of Pack-It™ Sets:

  • Save more when you purchase sets over individual items
  • The best features of our signature packing cube brands
  • Ideal for all your packing needs, with two or three sizes depending on what you plan to pack
  • Made of lightweight, breathable materials
  • Anti-microbial
  • Covered by our No Matter What® Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you use packing cubes for travel?

The best travel packing cubes are designed to help you keep your clothing and accessories organized while protecting them during travel, preventing wrinkles and dirty laundry from affecting your clean clothes. Packing cubes also compress your clothing, allowing you to pack more within the same suitcase.

What is the difference between packing cubes and compression cubes?

All compression cubes are packing cubes, but not all packing cubes are considered compression cubes. A compression packing cube offers greater compression than a traditional packing cube because it has an additional zipper that is used to compress the air out of your clothes. However, a traditional packing cube is designed more for organization and separating items.

How do I choose the right size packing cubes for my luggage?

The right size packing cubes for your luggage largely depends on the size of your luggage or carry-on, how much you’re packing, and the types of items you’re bringing. For instance, if you have a lot of large, bulky items, you might choose to pack primarily with large packing cubes. On the other hand, the best packing cubes for carry-ons may be smaller.

Meanwhile, packing cube sets with various sizes are ideal for most situations because they can help you separate hoodies and sweaters from smaller items like socks and t-shirts.

What features should I look for in the best packing cubes?

The best packing cubes offer some level of compression to help you pack more items in your suitcase or carry-on. The fabric used to create the packing cubes should also be lightweight and breathable, and your cubes should not make your luggage much heavier. In addition, you might look for features that protect your items from humidity or moisture.

Eagle Creek’s packing cubes are designed to help you pack smarter, stay organized, and fit more in your suitcase. Whether you’re traveling the world or going on vacation, we offer the best packing cubes for carry-on and checked luggage. Shop our collection today.


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