Buying Guide: Pack-It Packing Organizers and Compression Bags

Packing with Pack-It Original™

The original packing organizer on the market, Eagle Creek Pack-It Original™ has been helping people pack since 1996. Featured Products: Tarmac Carry-On Pack-It Original Starter Set (blue sea & red fire) Pack-It Sac Set (blue sea & red fire) Pack-It Original Wallaby (blue sea & red fire)


Two of the biggest packing challenges most travelers face is how to fit everything into their suitcase and how to keep it organized while on their trip. Using packing cubes and compression bags for organization is an essential way to stay organized on your trip. Here’s everything you need to know to pick the perfect luggage organizers for your bag.


Whether planning for a quick overnight trip or an extended getaway, there are clothes, toiletries, laptops, phones, digital cameras, and charging cables, plus itineraries, jackets, guide books, and so much more—and it all needs to fit into one bag. And getting it to fit isn't the only problem. Unless your clothes, gear and travel accessories are properly corralled, they tend to wander, and before you know it, you’re traveling with a suitcase that looks like a rummage sale.

So, how do you manage to fit everything in your bag and keep it somewhat contained? 

Well, you can cram it all in, like many people do, but this will ultimately make your travel a lot more cumbersome than it needs to be. There's a better way to pack and avoid these headaches—the revolutionary Pack-It System from Eagle Creek. (Watch the video.) It's a simple system that eliminates several of the most common packing challenges, from organizational challenges to limited packing space. With smartly designed sacks, cubes, and folders that divide your stuff into cleanly arranged sections within your larger luggage, duffel, or backpack, the system makes it easier for you to find what you need and eliminate clutter, and helps to compress your items so you can fit more in your bags.

The Pack-It™ System brings sanity to travel. Packing CubesFoldersSacs and Compression Sacs all help fit more stuff in less space with fewer wrinkles, separate dirty items from clean ones, and generally bring organization to your bags and luggage—even a duffel bag becomes perfectly organized using packing cubes. There are many ways to mix and match within this system, so use the product guide below, as well as useful packing tips, to determine which luggage organizers are right for you.



Recommended use: Rolling and compressing pants, shirts, shorts, socks, and underwear. Use to sort dirty clothes from clean, and to separate clothing types

Packing cubes are perfect for organizing all types of clothes in your suitcase. Consider large cubes for jeans, shorts, bottoms, and bulky items. Medium sized cubes work well for tees and pajamas. Meanwhile slim cubes are perfect to fill those smaller spaces and perfectly fit socks, underwear, belts, and other miscellaneous items. 

In addition to the variety of sizes and options, 2-sided versions allow you to separate clean clothes from dirty clothes, and expandable cubes. 

If you’re watching your pack’s overall weight, Pack-It Specter Cubes are lightweight and water-resistant and help compress clothing and minimize wrinkles. All packing cubes are available in durable fabrics and covered by Eagle Creek’s Lifetime Warranty.



Recommended use: Dress clothing, dresses, collared shirts, skirts—business trips or in a  carry-on bag ; they also work well in unstructured bags or duffels, allowing you to keep items flat and wrinkle-free

Packing folders fit up to 15 shirts, pants, or other clothing items, keeping them compressed, neat and organized within your luggage while also providing wrinkle resistance. The small and medium sizes fit into most carry-on sized bags. All packing folders come with an easy-to-use folding board.


Garment Sleeves

Recommended use: Business travel, formal wear and wrinkle-prone clothing

Garment sleeves are built specifically for longer garments and formal wear, keeping items packed neatly, preventing wrinkles, and allowing you to easily hang your garments upon arrival. 


Compression Sacs

Recommended use: Thick outerwear, bulky items, or dirty laundry

Get up to 80% more packing space with clever compression bags—no vacuum needed! Just pack, roll to compress, zip, and you're done. Also consider compression packing cubes to easily marry the convenience of a traditional packing cube with extra space savings, but without compromising on suitcase organization. No other compression bags are this easy to use.


Caddies, Organizers, Pouches and More

Recommended use: Small accessories, toiletries, make-up and jewelry

Eagle Creek offers a wide range of additional organizers to fit virtually everything you need for your trip.

Now that you know there's a better way to pack, we've gathered some tips from seasoned travelers on how to useThe Pack-It™ System in some creative ways for the most organized travel bag around. Below are some of our favorite ways to stay organized on your next journey.

If packing for the whole family, try a large capacity duffel bag or piece of rolling luggage. Then color-coordinate Pack-It™ Folders, Cubes and Sacs with each member of the family to easily identify what belongs to whom.

Pack-It™ Sacs are great for organizing snacks and children’s games.

Pack-It™ Cubes are useful when packing a change of clothes for during the day.

Pack-It™ Folders are great for people who like to fold all their clothes—for people who roll their clothes when they travel, Pack-It™ Cubes are a better organization and oacking solution.

Think of your packing organizers as drawers and group items according to where they came from. You don’t keep your underwear with your shoes, or belts and electronics in a drawer with your pants, so separating them in your travel bag just makes sense. They act like compact drawers and shelves in your bag, keeping similar items together and separating them into categories.

Roll your socks, scarves, belts and underwear and put them into an extra small cube.

Keep your make-up, brushes, and all your small odds and ends in a quarter cube.

Use shoe sacs to keep your shoes from sullying the rest of your bag.

For business travelers, photographers, or any other travelers with a lot of electronics, use an eTools cube for computer accessories like your mouse, cables, computer and phone chargers, external hard drives.

Depending on the type of travel you're doing, packing sacs make great first aid kits: For more adventurous travelers who need to be more prepared for dehydration and greater injuries, a medium sac is perfect. For those traveling with children or just travelers who like to be prepared for any minor injury, a large packing sac will suffice.

The Pack-It™ Clean Dirty Cube allows you to put clean clothes in the breathable mesh side and dirty clothes in the waterproof side.

Moms love packing cube sets to help them keep their diaper bags organized and to allow them to transfer important baby necessities from one bag to another.


No matter what your style of travel, discover how the  Pack-It System helps you stay organized and travel better.


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