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Classic duffel bags are great for quick packers, weekend warriors, or light travelers looking for the classic carry bag. They're packable, squishable and easy to sling over your shoulder. Small and large duffel bags are great for carrying to the gym, toting your camping gear, keeping your gear closet organized, and as carry-on bags for travel.

Best duffel bags for short-term and long-haul travel

Throw sports gear into your gym bag, toiletries in a weekender duffle, or packing organizers into the main compartment of your carry-on duffel. When a shoulder or tote bag won't quite cut it, a classic duffel has what you need, from the carry handle to the bottom of the bag. Get different sizes to serve as a weekender bag or a long-haul suitcase. Zippered main compartments can be stuffed full with compression straps to keep your gear contained and in place. Our bags can go anywhere, from campsites to family holidays to relaxing vacation spots.

Travel easy with a duffel bag made for comfort

Comfort is the key to making travel as easy as possible on you and your travel buddies. Our travel bags come with padded shoulder straps to make them easy to carry for long periods. Keep accessibility high on your personal items. Exterior pockets and lash points keep essentials on hand throughout your trip. When your shoulders get tired, a convertible bag can relieve your burden. Simply set your bag on the floor, pull out the collapsible handle, and go.

The durability you deserve from a classic duffel

Though all our duffels are covered by our No Matter What™ Warranty, we engineer our duffel bags to last. From check-in at the airport to picking up your bag from the luggage carousel, you can't guarantee how your bag will be handled. With abrasion-resistant ripstop fabric, you don't have to worry about your bag tearing while it's out of your sight.

If you're heading to your favorite campsite or backpacking trails, don't worry about sudden rain or snow. With water-repellent and water-resistant fabric options, your duffel can shrug off the weather as easily as you can.