The Power of the No Matter What™ Warranty

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Eagle Creek was established in 1975 by Steve and Nona Barker, a couple who revered the planet and explored it accordingly. In the process, they invented an entirely new product category: adventure travel gear. Half a century later, no one offers more expertly conceived and crafted gear for experiencing the earth in every hemisphere. Thoughtful, sustainable, function-forward solutions inspired by the belief that travel can be a force for good.


Outdoor adventures can be rough on your gear, period. The last thing that you want to think about when you travel is the wearing and tearing of your luggage. Well, good news. Eagle Creek’s got you covered.


When you hit the road, you most likely want to spend your time exploring, not worrying about whether your luggage will hold up during your expedition. Investing in Eagle Creek means that you’ll never need to concern yourself with that. We not only produce quality travel gear; we stand behind our products with the No Matter What™ Warranty.

The power of the No Matter What™ Warranty is pretty incredible (if I may say so myself). Less than 1% of all bags are returned for repair every year, and of those 83% are repaired and then returned to the consumer to continue their journey around the sun.

"We design our gear to address the needs of adventure travelers. These are people who require excellent organization, advanced durability, and bags that are versatile enough to thrive in any terrain." Mark Davis, Product Design Manager

"Based on our research, we know that durability was the #1 most important aspect of any luggage collection. Therefore, we focus our efforts on delivering gear that will endure all the bumps along the road. We extensively test all materials and hardware to ensure that Eagle Creek luggage is built strong enough to last. I mean REALLY last.

For example, for Tarmacs and ORV Trunks we built in molded corner bumpers and molded foam Bi-tech™ Armor panels to protect key wear and impact points. We also selected a Bi-Tech™ Heather fabric that has extremely high abrasion resistance and water repellency to address the resilience needed when adventure traveling. You’ll see we treat each collection with diligence, addressing durability at the beginning of the design process and throughout development.” Mark Davis, Product Design Manager


So what’s the difference between the No Matter What™ Warranty and Eagle Creek’s Lifetime Warranty?

"Let’s start with the Lifetime Warranty. The Lifetime Warranty covers workmanship and materials against defect for the entire life of the product. During this period, if the product is covered by the warranty, we will repair or replace it at our discretion.

The No Matter What™ Warranty covers the product…. no matter what! We have the right to repair or replace products at our discretion... but we're very generous. We've replaced bags marred by tigers and ran over by planes. Because our gear is built to withstand anything, we make sure it does.” Dan Cochran, Warranty Manager


What Eagle Creek Products are covered under the No Matter What™ Warranty?

"All of our luggage collections are covered under the No Matter What™ Warranty policy. What’s not covered are packing organizers (Pack-It™ System) and Accessories. "Dan Cochran, Warranty Manager

These are the luggage collections that are covered:


How does a consumer activate the warranty when he or she purchases an Eagle Creek product?

"Consumers do not need to do anything to activate their warranty policy. Simply owning an Eagle Creek product that's covered by the No Matter What™ Warranty is all it takes. Eagle Creek takes pride in the quality of its products.

If your item does need repair or service, please send the product in to one of our Certified Repair Centers and we’ll get it back to you in no time."

-Dan, Warranty Manager

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