Video: One Trip Can Change Everything

One Trip Can Change Everything, featuring Andy Mann

Get inspired by National Geographic Explorer, Andy Mann, as he explores the shark sanctuary waters of the Bahamas. The Eagle Creek National Geographic Guide Series- six durable travel bags crafted in the first ever partnership between Eagle Creek and National Geographic. Exceeding adventure-travel standards, this collection combines the brands’ shared passion for exploration, conservation and adventure. The result is a product meant to inspire and sustain a life spent in the outdoors. The bags are backed by Eagle Creek No Matter What™ Warranty, a lifetime guarantee. Additionally, National Geographic Partners returns 27% of all proceeds back to the non-profit National Geographic Society to support their work exploring and protecting our planet. Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Tweet at us:


National Geographic Photographer, partners with Eagle Creek to introduce the all-new Guide Series. Andy Mann is an active voice for conservation through the art of travel and storytelling. 


It’s an incredible honor to be a voice for our oceans, and to collaborate on the Eagle Creek National Geographic Guide Series. It’s rare that a product is made to fit the expeditions and travel I put my gear through. In all actuality, it’s a huge weight lifted off my chest knowing there now exists a kit built as tough as the environments I work in.

My name is Andy Mann, and I use storytelling as a means of conservation. I act as a conduit between science and policy. If I’m doing my job correctly, I’m triggering an emotional response with the viewer and helping to influence policies by arming scientists and advocates with the right visual stories.

That’s probably the 10,000-foot view of what I was put here to do. Upon closer inspection you’ll find I am a true adventure junkie who is addicted to continuously searching for the unknown and the art of traveling. 

Wait…traveling is an art??? Yes. Have you ever slid through the security line, nailed the TSA check-point and walked right onto the flight? Feels good right? Since I spend about 200 days a year traveling I find a lot of pleasure in the small things. Like having the perfect gear for the mission. I invite you, traveling artist, to try out the Guide Series, step up your game, find the perfect song, and two-step your way across the planet.  

As the newest member of the Eagle Creek family I look forward to sharing my adventures and travel tips with such a like-minded community. I invite you to reach out to me through Instagram (@andy_mann) at any time, for any reason. I have a few trips under my belt, and I am happy to lend a helping hand.

From Colorado with love – 



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By Andy Mann on June 13, 2019

For over a decade, Andy has been a forerunner in the world of adventure film and conservation photography.  He is an experienced climber, diver, arctic explorer and award-winning filmmaker whose imagery is helping tell the story of our rapidly changing planet, documenting expeditions on all 7 continents for National Geographic Magazine, Sea Legacy, National Geographic’s Pristine Seas, Wildlife Conservation Society and more.   His imagery is remarkably memorable, reminding us how the emotion of an image can touch our spirit.