How To Pack Up Your Kids For a Family Trip

How To Pack Up Your Kids For a Family Trip

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Having the right gear is the ultimate hack for a perfect trip. This is never more applicable than when traveling with kids. Family travel can be fun and educational - to say nothing of creating memories that can last a lifetime. What it can also be, however, is cluttered and stressful. Kids (from babies to teens) tend to have a lot of stuff. Knowing how to stash all their stuff is step one of cultivating the most comfortable family travel experience. Step two is stocking up on items that will make your life easier on the road, in the air, and at your destination.


Packing Cubes For Laundry

Kids are awesome, but they sure do make a lot of mess. This is especially true of babies and toddlers who are just learning to eat and who tend to leak bodily fluids. Having soiled onesies or burp cloths with no place to stash them in your bags is not a fun experience. That’s why you need clean/dirty cubes. These are specialty packing cubes that are lined to contain messy and wet items. Perfect for a diaper bag or carry-on, these travel cubes are absolutely essential for parents of littles - and will make your life so much easier and cleaner.


How To Stash Your Cash Safely

Pickpockets prey on those travelers who are distracted. No one is more distracted than parents with a couple of wandering kiddos in tow. Proactively protect your cash, keys, and passport with a neck wallet or money belt that keeps your most essential items close to your person and not waiting to be snatched in a pocket or purse. Plus, when you go to pay for snacks, youll know exactly where your credit card is without playing the which pocket?” game.


Why You Need a Waist Pack

Okay, so youve resisted the siren pull of the minivan with the stick-figure family decal on the back. We get it, youre a cool parent. But dont immediately discount a waist pack. Just because it reminds you of cringe family photos at Disney World from the ‘90s, doesn’t mean it’s not in existence for a very practical reason. Todays waist packs are sleeker than ever, and they retain the best feature of your dads old fanny pack – they keep your hands free, and all your necessities a quick zip away. Waist bags free you up to more easily take pics and hang onto the things that truly matter: your kids.


Shoulder Bags For Everything Else

When you embarked on parenthood, you probably thought that a diaper bag was something that only new parents worried about. As soon as this kid is potty-trained,” you thought, I can ditch that and enjoy an unencumbered lifestyle again!” Wrong. Until your kids are past elementary school and able to carry their own bags reliably and comfortably, you are going to want a go bag” for all the small stuff that they seem to require. A crossbody or mini-messenger bag feels effortless on your body but gives plenty of stash-space for all those small toys, extra headphones, spare socks, and the most important tool in a traveling parents arsenal: snacks.


Make Luggage Life Easier

Picture this: You’re waiting at the baggage claim after a flight with your kids that felt at least twice its length. You've had a scant three hours of sleep, and a medley of kids’ movie theme songs stuck in your head. The carousel starts to lurch forward. All the bags look the same. All of the sudden, you see your bag—and you know that it is yours because you had the foresight to buy a colorful bag or attach a reflective luggage tag to it and make it easily identifiable. That is what we call a parenting win.


Help Your Kids Get Rest On a Flight

Its a known fact that babies get cranky when their nap schedule is interrupted, but few parents know before disaster strikes that school-age kids and tweens can also turn into monsters after a long day of travel. As is the case with life in general, sleep will generally cure what ails them. You can prevent day one meltdowns by packing gear that will help your kiddo rest more easily while in the air, things like a soft eyeshade and comfy foam earplugs that will drown out all the noise. Combine these with a travel pillow and a cozy blanket, and everyone will be happier upon arrival, guaranteed.


Now that you’ve got your kids’ packing sorted, discover even more tips for a memorable family reunion.



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