Product Spotlight: Exploration Series

Product Spotlight: Exploration Series

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Product Spotlight: Exploration Series

Product Spotlight: Exploration Series


From a 4-wheeled sturdy suitcase to a briefcase that turns into a backpack to a Cargo Hauler that's even tougher than it sounds, Eagle Creek's Exploration Series consists of 18 adventure-ready bags. Although the Exploration Series has some of the most durable bags out there, they are still extremely lightweight and organized, which made us wonder how on earth they accomplished this super all-in-one product! We went straight to the source for the answer. Read the following interview with one of our Eagle Creek bag designers to get the 411 on this power-packed collection.

Can you explain the concept behind the Exploration Series? What makes it stand out?

We wanted to take durability to the next level. We chose fabrics and components that far surpass our high testing standards and applied them accordingly to protect against scrapes, bumps, jolts, and collisions. For example, we strategically placed our Bi-tech™ Armor for added protection in those high-abrasion areas. That way you can travel confidently knowing that your goods will be protected.

Apart from advanced durability, there are creative features hidden inside. Everything from our adjustable interior cargo nets, organizational pockets, and bottle opener, to our unique Coat Keeper™ that secures your jacket or helmet in place when not in use. The combination of all of these elements results in a collection of gear bags that don't just look ruggedly handsome, but also act the part.

What inspired you to design these bags?

Given that the idea of durability and protection was central to the concept, we latched on early to the idea of protective armor because it visually conveys the durability inherently built into our bags. Inspiration came from other industries like military, motocross, snowboarding, and skateboarding, all of which have their own unique forms of protection. Through this inspiration, we were able to develop a series of bags that speak for themselves. Just by seeing the Exploration Series, you can tell that these bags are built tough and will get you to where you need to go.

There are a few new products in the collection, what innovations or changes do they have, compared to the older bags in the Exploration Series?

For starters, the Morphus 22" and Morphus 30" both now come with a new hinged foot called the ExpandStand™, which allows the bag to transition from one bag to two bags more quickly. The previous version required more zippers to make the transformation.

We've also added a couple of smaller personal carry bags. One is the versatile Docking Duffel, which has a detachable shoulder bag for use on daily jaunts during your trip. The other is the Convertabrief, which cleverly converts from a briefcase to a backpack. Both of these bags encompass the durability spread throughout the collection.

What kind of traveler should invest in an Exploration Series bag?

The active adventure traveler. Anyone that has been on a couple of trips knows that most luggage can't withstand the stress of the luggage handlers. The Exploration Series is different because it is built to last a really, really long time. It also comes with our No Matter What™ Warranty.

Which is your favorite piece in the series and why?

Oh boy, this is like asking which one of my kids is my favorite! Each bag meets a different need so it's hard to say which need is the most important. What I will say is that I use the Gear Hauler the most because it's perfect for short weekend trips, car travel, camping, and even the beach.

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