Eagle Creek is synonymous with quality. Every buckle, zipper, and fabric choice is meticulously selected and then analyzed after rigorous lab testing. After it’s built, we take it to the road to make sure it can handle real-world travel abuse. And it does. Our return rate is less than 1%





No Matter What™ Warranty

Our No Matter What™ Warranty covers the Lifetime Warranty promise plus the added insurance of repair or replacement due to product failure during the product lifetime, regardless of the cause. During this period, we will repair or replace it at our discretion. Contents of your bag are excluded, as are lost or stolen parts (such as zip-off daypack, backpack straps, Cargo Net, etc.)


Lifetime Warranty

Our Lifetime Warranty covers workmanship and materials against defect for the entire life of the product. During this period, if the product is covered by the warranty, we will repair or replace it at our discretion. Contents of your bag, normal wear and tear, abuse and cosmetic wear and tear are excluded. ‘Lifetime’ is defined as the lifetime of the product not of the purchaser.



What is specifically covered?

We build our products to last over extended periods of use, but inevitably everything does eventually wear out. Fabrics will deteriorate and fade and moving parts will wear out. All gear will suffer from differing degrees of wear-and-tear, depending upon use. Gear used by an adventure travel guide for 200 days of the year will, by comparison, degrade faster than gear used by someone who travels 2 to 3 times a year.

By taking care of your products you will ensure longer lifetime for your gear. Visit Caring for Your Eagle Creek Product for information on how to clean, care for, and store your gear. Use your judgment when assessing whether your product is likely to be covered under our warranty policy. It may simply be time to replace it.

We will cover your product against defect and malfunction until such a time that it has been used and worn out beyond reasonable repair.

This warranty does not cover, normal wear and tear, or the natural breakdown of colors and materials over extended time and use. Accident, improper care, negligence are excluded. Normal wear and tear is the wear and tear caused by the expected use of the bag over an extended period of time. There are a few factors that determine the end of “product life”. (1) Fabric: Product fabric makes up 90% of most Eagle Creek products. If the fabric is discolored, degraded, de-laminated or deteriorated we may determine this to be end of “product life”. (2) If a major component fails due to years of use (such as a handle, wheel or zipper) we may deem the product to have met its full life cycle.

Damage not covered under the Lifetime Warranty that is repairable can be repaired for a reasonable rate and a fee will be charged for return shipping. We have Certified Repair Centers that utilize the same type of machinery and processes used in our factory to create the original product. One of these facilities may be closer to you than the Eagle Creek on-site warranty department.

This warranty does not apply to face masks or facial coverings.

*California State Law requires that all items sent for repair to be clean. Only clean items will be repaired by our team.


What does Defect or Malfunction Mean?

Defects in materials or workmanship are covered for the practical lifetime of the product. Material refers to zippers, buckles and fabrics, etc. Workmanship refers to seams, and construction. Damage due to wear and tear such as rips, tears, abrasion or UV degradation, misuse or neglect is not covered under our warranty policy but may be repairable for a fee.


What does Product Failure mean?

Product failure can happen when the components are stressed outside of their design specifications and are no longer able to function in the manner originally stated. For instance, Eagle Creek wheels can withstand cobblestone streets, but are not built to be run over by a train. The fabrics are meant to withstand heavy abrasion, but not a sanding belt.



Friends hanging out by the pond
Eagle Creek renewed

Send us your old gear
and get a discount on
your next purchase of $99+

Eagle Creek renewed

Send us your old gear and get a discount on your next purchase of $99+

Eagle Creek renewed

Send us your old gear and get a discount on your next purchase of $99+



Would you prefer a new pack or luggage piece instead of sending in your bag for warranty? Eagle Creek has teamed up with The Renewal Workshop to keep gear in use longer and out of landfills. Send us your worn out and beat up luggage*, regardless of brand or condition, for a discount on your next purchase of $99 or more on EagleCreek.com. We will renew, donate or, responsibly dispose of returned gear, giving it the best possibility of a second life. See full details on the Eagle Creek Renewed page.

*Eligible products: (1) Travel packs, duffel bags, or backpacks with 40L of capacity or more; and (2) luggage items that have two (2) or four (4) wheels and are sized 12.5 x 21.75 x 8.5 or larger.

Warranty Center COVID-19 safety precautions:

Safety and support measures include:

From the onset of the COVID-10 pandemic, we’ve made protecting the health and well-being of our employees a top priority. In this rapidly changing environment, we will continue to frequently evaluate all our actions to ensure we are making the right decisions and always putting safety first. 

Learn More

Safety and support measures include:

·       Pre-Entry Screening

·       Daily Temperature checks for all employees (morning and any time after returning to work after leaving facility)

·       Temperature Screening for Vendors and Contractors

·       Restructured Cleaning Procedures

·       Social Distancing

·       Cleaning/disinfecting the breakroom tables before and after each use 

·       Provide employees with PPE’s upon arrival and as needed (face masks, gloves)

·       Hand sanitizer (placed at Kiosks, EE & Front door entrance, breakroom & work stations)

·       Antibacterial Wipes and disinfecting spray provided and used for disinfecting work stations and breakroom

·       Scattered breaks (10 employees per group)

·       Cleaning and sanitization of personal work areas 2-3X times a day

·       Electrostatic sprayer and disinfectant for deep cleaning in order (implementation to take place soon)





Official Eagle Creek Repair Center:

South Central US Warranty Form (PDF)
Eagle Creek Warranty Service
Attn: Warranty Department
510 Crystal City Hwy./ Suite 5
Uvalde, TX 78801
Phone: 1-844-496-0404
Average Turn Around Time from Receipt: 4-6 weeks
(Subject to parts availability)


Authorized Eagle Creek Repair Center:

Western US Shipping Form (PDF)

Index Urban Travel Shop
Attn: Repairs Department
3833 Fourth Ave.
San Diego, CA 92103
Phone: 619-255-5755 
Average Turn Around Time from Receipt: 5 to 10 business days
(Subject to parts availability)

Western US Shipping Form (PDF)

Fink's Luggage & Repair Co.
Attn: Service After Sales
517 SW 12th Ave
Portland, OR 97205
Phone: 503-222-6086 
Email: repairs@finksluggage.com
Average Turn Around Time from Receipt: 1-2 Weeks
(Subject to parts availability)


Central US Shipping Form for Luggage World (PDF)

Luggage World
Attn: Repair Department
5727 W 36th St
Minneapolis, MN  55416
Phone: 952-929-7888
Email: customerservice@luggageworldmn.com
Average Turn Around Time from Receipt: 2-3 Week (Subject to parts


North East US Warranty Form (PDF)

Square Luggage Warranty Service
Attn: Warranty Department
19 Washington Street
Morristown, NJ 07960
Phone: 973-539-1631
Average Turn Around Time from Receipt: 7 to 14 business days

Canadian Repairs

Eastern Canadian Shipping Form (PDF)

Luggage Town Ltd.
Attn: Michael Goril
644 Millway Ave., Unit 1
Concord, ON., Canada
Phone: 905-669-6358
Average Turn Around Time from Receipt: 2 Days


Western Canadian Shipping Form (PDF)

Weston Luggage
228 SW Marine Dr
Vancouver BC
V5X 2R5
604 685 9749
Average Turn Around Time from Receipt: 1 Week

European Repairs

Import documents may be required. Please check with your specific carrier.


UK Shipping Form (PDF)
Scottish Mountain Gear Limited
FAO: Repair Centre
3 Broughton Park
Newhailes Industrial Estate
Newhailes Road
East Lothian 
EH21 6SY
Direct Dial: +44 131 653 1310
Switchboard: +44 131 665 1919
Email: info@scottishmountaingear.com


Switzerland Shipping Form (PDF) - Deutsch
Switzerland Shipping Form (PDF) - Francais

Räber Leder AG
FAO: Moritz Räber
Seebodenstrasse 4 - 6
6403 Küssnacht
Phone: +41 0418502424
Fax: +41 0418501400
Email: raeber@leder.ch


Germany Shipping Form (PDF) - German
Germany Shipping Form (PDF) - English
Germany Shipping Form (PDF) - French

Eagle Creek Repair 
Im Taubengrund 9
65451 Kelsterbach 
Phone: +49 6107 966 68 35
Email: eaglecreek@koffer-klinik.com





Cleaning your Product Properly:

Dirt and grime will abrade the fabric and wear it out. For cleaning, use a sponge with warm water. Always use a non-detergent soap. Most liquid soaps contain detergents, powdered soaps are preferred because they usually do not. To dry your bag stuff it loosely with crumpled-up paper, and hang it in the shade. To preserve the integrity of the fabric coating inside of the bag, the interior should only be cleaned with a damp cloth (no soap). Lastly, it is essential that your product is completely dry before you store it.

Never Machine Wash Your Product:

Unless stated otherwise on the care label, never machine wash or machine dry your travel gear or accessories. Never use hot water, bleach, dishwashing liquid, pre-soaking solutions, or spot removers. Always use a powdered non-detergent soap. Never use solvents to clean your gear or accessories as solvents may irreparably damage the materials and components of your product. *Any use of solvents will void Eagle Creek’s Lifetime and No Matter What™ Warranties.

Zipper Maintenance:

Keep your zippers clean, free of sand and grit, and out of the dirt. This will help them last much longer.

Storing Your Product:

Before storing your Eagle Creek gear bag or travel accessories always make sure they are clean and dry. Never pack or store your gear or accessories if they are dirty or damp. Wet or damp fabric can mildew, causing delamination, leaks, and foul odors. There is no cure for mildew damage. Storing your gear or accessories while they are damp could cause the polyurethane coating to soften and stick to itself (a chemical reaction called hydrolysis). With prolonged exposure to moisture, the coating will become sticky and is likely to peel away from the fabric. In caring for your bag it is also important to keep your pets away from your bag. They smell your scent and know it’s your bag. Somehow they also know that it is your companion when you are away from home, and tend to mark it. Many types of pet urine have a strong odor and cannot be washed out of your bag… so unfortunately you will end up traveling with the memory of your pet the entire life of the product. Odors, scratches, fading and scuffs are considered cosmetic damage because they do not affect the function of the bag and so are therefore not covered under the Eagle Creek Warranties. Store your gear and accessories in a cool, dry, temperate environment. Do not stack heavy objects on top of your gear and accessories and, if possible, stuff bags with clothing or crumpled-up paper to help maintain shape.

Still have questions?

Contact our customer service team at 

Toll Free 844.496.0404