Eagle Creek Lync System: Product Spotlight The EC Lync™ System

Product Spotlight: The EC Lync™ System

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Product Spotlight: The EC Lync™ System

Product Spotlight: The EC Lync™ System


Stow, Lync, and Go are the words to know when it comes to the brand new patent pending EC Lync™ System! Combining the versatility of convertible luggage and the convenience of collapsible luggage, this revolutionary line does it all—short of actually packing for you, that is. Whether you’re an urban dweller with minimal closet space to spare, or a travel enthusiast just looking for a bag that’s perfect for every occasion, Eagle Creek’s latest offering may be just what you need. Here’s the scoop on this versatile travel system.

Sized Perfectly

Whatever your travel needs, there is an EC Lync™ System bag sized just for you. Want to avoid checking bags? Both the 20-inch (51 centimeter) and 22-inch (56 centimeter) suitcases are carry-on size. Packing for a longer haul? The 26-inch (66 centimeter) and 29-inch (74 centimeter) bags fit 2,775 cubic inches (45,474 cubic centimeters) and 4,525 cubic inches (74,751 cubic centimeters), respectively. Have limited luggage storage space at home? Even the largest Lync™ System bags collapse into a small stuff sac.

Versatility To The Max

The entire EC Lync™ System line is made so you can stow it, roll it, or carry it, depending on your needs. The Lync™ System converts from a lightweight rolling bag to a backpack and/or duffel with the ease of a couple clicks to remove the frame. The 20, 22, and 26-inch versions go from rolling suitcases to backpacks, while the 29-inch version comes with a padded shoulder strap to become a duffel.

Effortless Conversion

Versatility is one thing, but easy versatility is quite another—and it is a standard feature with the EC Lync™ System. With this collection, you are never more than a few simple snaps and clicks away from converting or collapsing your luggage—no confusing user manual necessary. To learn more about assembling and disassembling the EC Lync™ System bags, and see for yourself how easy it really is, check out this how-to video.

Weight Off Your Shoulders

Whether you’re a minimalist packer, or actually try to fit everything but the kitchen sink in your bag when you travel, chances are lightweight luggage is a top priority. It is for Eagle Creek, too. The EC Lync™ System is designed to take the weight off your shoulders, and does so with ultra-lightweight fabrics, a removable lightweight aluminum frame, and removable shoulder straps. Ranging from just 4 pounds 6 ounces (1.98 kilograms) to 5 pounds 5 ounces (2.41 kilograms) with the frame, and 1 pound 12 ounces (.79 kilograms) to 2 pounds 5 ounces (1.05 kilogram) without the frame, these bags give you the freedom to carry as much as you can handle without unnecessary added weight. We recommend keeping the kitchen sink out, though...

Durability in Design

Though the EC Lync™ System bags are light in weight, but they are real heavyweights when it comes to durability. Trust us: We’ve tested these bags vigorously, and they can take any tough travel you put them through. The large-diameter aluminum frame and a perfect combination of materials and fabrics with a high strength-to-weight ratio give the EC Lync™ products optimum durability and lightweight combination. The bonus: These tough bags are insured by Eagle Creek’s No Matter What Warranty™.

Are you ready to check out first hand what the Eagle Creek Lync™ System has to offer? Shop the collection here!

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