How to Use Packing Cubes for Under-the-Bed Storage

packing cubes for storage

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packing cubes for storage


Packing cubes are lifesavers for when you travel, but they can also be extra handy at home.


Packing cubes are a traveler’s best friends. They can keep your clothes and accessories (tech and fashion) organized when you’re on the road — especially if you’re constantly packing and re-packing — and compress items to give you more room in your luggage. Eagle Creek’s zippered Pack-It cubes allow everything to have a place, come in a variety of sizes and colors (handy for color-coding by item type), and are made of durable ultrasil fabric that withstands the test of time and adventure. But they can do double-duty too, as helpful organizational tools at home. Here’s how to make the most of your packing cubes when it comes to under-the-bed storage:


1. Use Them For Your Lesser-Used Pieces

If you live in a small apartment, or are just low on storage space, packing cubes can serve as under-the-bed storage. Fill them with out-of-season clothes, pieces you don’t need to access every day (think: beach towels), or clothes that don’t need to be hung up or folded nicely (think: gym gear). Because the Pack-It cubes aren’t too deep, they can usually fit under even the shortest beds — and the soft sides make it easy to squeeze them into tight spots, unlike plastic storage containers. When you fill the cubes, try rolling your clothes instead of folding them to minimize wrinkles, and place a fabric softener sheet in each cube to keep the contents fresh.


2. Minimize The Footprint Of Bulky Gear.

Packing away bulky winter gear like sweaters, jackets, or down comforters can be a major headache. Enter: Eagle Creek’s Pack-It™ Compression Cubes, which eliminate the excess air with the help of their compression zippers. The Pack-It™ Original Cube L can fit a few shirts, sweaters, and pairs of pants.


3. Organize Your Folded Clothes.

How much time do you spend folding and re-folding your non-hanging clothes? Even the most organized people can attest that it’s nearly impossible to keep folded piles neat. Take advantage of the Pack-It™ Garment Folders, which keep stacks of clothes together and wrinkle-free. Plus, they come with folding instruction boards for those difficult-to-fold pieces, and a carrying handle so you can easily grab what you need from under your bed.


4. Store Your Shoes.

Tuck away shoes you don’t wear every day, like high heels, dress shoes, or out-of-season pairs in the Pack-It™Shoe Cubes, and slide them under one section of your bed. If your bed is high enough, stack the cubes two- or even three-high, and put labeled masking tape on each cube indicating what’s inside so it’s easy to get what you need when you need it.


5. Straighten Up Your Electronics

Sure, it may seem odd to keep electronics under your bed, but when they’re super-organized, it’s a great spot. Avoid the headache of tangled and missing cords, chargers, and other tech accessories (like camera lenses) with the Pack-It™ Specter Mini Cube Set. These cubes, which come in three sizes, are compartmentalized so you can arrange your electronics in as detailed a manner as you need. When you do head out on a trip, just grab the cubes that contain the tech you need and put them in your suitcase.


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