Buying Guide: Best Travel Accessories for Safety and Comfort


Written by Jessica Dodson on

Jessica was in-house at Eagle Creek for more than 7 years. What’s most interesting about her, is her passion to travel and connect others with authentic experiences. Having been all over Europe, to Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Kenya, Russia, and so many more places, she is legitimately a world traveler. You’ll see Jessica hosting our packing and product videos.

Buying Guide: Best Travel Accessories for Safety and Comfort


Travel accessories can make or break your trip. They make all the difference in ensuring a safe and organized journey and help keep your stress level in check.

And yet they are rather illusive, aren’t they? We like to think of travel accessories as all the “little things” you wish you had packed, but somehow seem to forget until you are mid-trip. From items that make your voyage more comfortable to products that make your stuff more accessible during your trip, the right travel accessories can make your travel easier – and so much more streamlined.

They can also be the little things you didn’t know existed or simply didn’t think to bring. Like a travel lock to keep your luggage secure when you’re on a train, or an organizer bag in your backpack to store and pack all your electronics together safely. Whether you need help keeping your information yours with an RFID blocking wallet or money belt, or some to-die-for ear plugs for your flight, we've got you covered. This Eagle Creek travel accessories guide will equip you to be the most well-prepared traveler you know. (And your flight seat mates will all be super jealous of your ultra-organization and cozy clean travel blanket and pillow.)


Seasoned Travel Advice

We've found that no one knows how to pack a bag, or prepare a carry-on personal item, better than seasoned travelers. That’s why we scoured our website and social channels when bringing this helpful travel guide together. We love your feedback and insight, so keep it coming! 

We've broken down these travel accessory recommendations into six main categories and have included some ideas for how best to use this gear – including what and how to pack it - in the guide below. 


Travel Pillows & Blankets

Recommended Use: Pick these items up for overnight flights, train rides, bus travel, camping and backpacking trips. As you can see, we think they are pretty important.

It's no secret that pillows and blankets supplied by airlines aren't always the most comfortable – nor are they the cleanest. And if you're planning to travel on buses, trains, boats or other modes of transport, travel pillows may not even be supplied, so think ahead! 

Catching a little shut eye en route to your destination can help fight off exhaustion and jet lag, plus it'll help you pass the time on a long journey. For that, we recommend a travel pillow with removable (or washable cover), travel blanket, eye mask and ear plugs. Having these items in tow will mean more rest for you. (Expert travel tip: Make sure you’re in a safe environment and your stuff is locked up and close by, before taking a snooze.)


Money Belts & Neck Wallets

Recommended Use: If you’re doing international travel or traveling to an unknown or unsafe destinations where you don’t know if pickpocketing is an issue, think through your psychical safety along with what products will help you feel most secure.

Depending on your destination, travel safety may not be top of mind as you pack. For anyone traveling internationally or in an unfamiliar area, bringing a money belt is never a bad idea. (After all it’s so teeny and barely takes up any space.) Plus think about it: if you bring a money belt on your trip, when you feel like you want a little extra security, you’ll have the option. Any of Eagle Creek’s underclothing security pouches are a great spot to “extra” stash money, credit cards and a Passport.

Though you may have read that keeping money stashed away in a discreet place is highly recommended when going someplace unknown, we don’t encourage skepticism or traveling with fear. Instead, we want to encourage you to know your surroundings, trust your instincts and be equipped. For that reason exactly, we’ve designed small bra stashes in which to hide cash and credit cards, to larger one and two pocketed money belts that integrate RFID Blocking Technology. We have many-too-many-to-count money belt options. Why not take a look? (Pro Tip: Don’t get into and out of your money belt when you’re wearing it. It’s supposed to stay hidden under your clothes for maximum undercover stealthiness.)


Wallets & Organizers

Recommended Use: You probably already have a wallet, but we recommend RDIF specific travel wallets to organize international travel documents and passports, domestic travel and daily organization.

We're pretty obsessed with helping people stay organized while they travel, probably because we like feeling in control of our things and important documents. Because of this, we love a good travel organizer - one that will keep your family’s Passports and important travel documents all in one place. Eagle Creek travel wallets and organizers are made to not only keep your important stuff organized, but safe as well. Some of our wallets and organizers feature RFID Blocking Technology to help protect your personal information from identity thieves who use handheld RFID scanners to digitally steal your info.


 Packable Travel Bags

Recommended Use: Think day trips, overnight trips and weekend trips, business travel, and expandable bags for souvenirs when traveling internationally. Also, keep in mind that transforming travel bags are pretty cool travel tools.

Don’t travel without one! Our packable travel bags are the perfect addition to any luggage. They are inexpensive, lightweight, pack up small and expand to offer a fair amount of extra carry capacity. These itty bitty (but mighty) bags travel transformers come in handy, when you spontaneously plan a side day trip - or even an overnighter. 

Still not convinced? Have you ever picked up one too many souvenirs and been in need of some extra room? We know we have. A packable day pack is a great for potential quick day trips and side excursions. If you plan to bring home a lot of extra goodies, a packable tote or duffel bag is also a solid idea. After all, these fold up nicely and expand to fit plenty of gifts and keepsakes. (Travel Tip: As a traveler, you have the opportunity to support the local economy with plenty of visits to local eateries and by supporting local artisans. We highly recommend both!)


Luggage ID & Security

Recommend Use: These serve as must-have travel tools for international and domestic travel, when luggage security is top of mind.

Bringing along a small suitcase lock is a good precaution to ensure your bags can't be easily opened as you travel through crowded airports, train stations and the like. But before you buy a giant padlock for your gear, keep in mind you'll need something lightweight and TSA friendly. Our selection of luggage locks will keep your stuff secure, while complying with TSA regulations – which means TSA Agents will be able to open your TSA lock and bag for inspection with their nifty set of tools, instead of needing to break your lock (or worse: your bag) if selected for random security screening.

Another brilliant idea (if we do say so ourselves) is to use a TSA Lock Luggage Strap. This will not only keep your travel luggage or backpack secured closed, it will also help you identify it as it rolls along the conveyor belt at baggage claim.


Travel Essentials

Recommended Use: A bit of this and a bit of that… all of the little travel items that make travel a bit more enjoyable on flights, train rides and in your travel bag – for both domestic and international travel.    

We’re not through yet! Here are some more important odds and ends we recommend adding to your bag to make your travel experience much easier.

1. Packing Cubes and toiletry bags will change your life! (If you can’t tell we’re HUGE fans.) These nifty inventions compress and organize clothes inside any luggage or duffel bag making everything you packed easy to locate. Use packing cubes to pack all your gym clothes in one and your jeans and tees in another, and for folks packing multiple kids in the same large bag (we’re all about saving on checked bag fees), we recommend packing your kids items in different color packing bags. Try the Pack-It™ Isolate Compression Cubes Set for an ultralightweight anti-microbial option, Pack-It™ Garment Folder L to minimize wrinkles (think collared shirts) and the 2-sided cube to separate wet from dry or clean from dirty. Long gone are the days or traveling disorganized or messy!

2. Gear organizers and shoe bags  are another great win for keeping dirt from intermingling with your clean clothes. If you travel with lots of electronics or camera equipment, finding organizational bags that keep those items protected are also clutch. 

3. In our post – but still very real – pandemic world, traveling with a Face Mask will continue to be a great option to help you travel confidently, even if and when airlines no longer require it. Make sure to think through your travel process and pack hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, a freshly laundered travel pillow, and anything else you need to feel healthy and safe. 

4. Lastly, don't forget that other countries don't use the same types of electrical outlets. If you need to plug in electronics while you're abroad – hair dryer, curling iron, cell phone, laptop, digital camera, etc. – then you'll need an international power converter to make sure your charger fits the wall socket.  

And that’s it! We hope this handy Must-Have Travel Accessories Guide has equipped you to get prepared before your trip. As always, have such a wonderful and safe journey. And please, take time to connect with the local culture, food scene and whenever possible disappear into nature to refresh and reset your senses. Get out there and #FindYourUnknown. You’ll be glad you did.