8 Reasons Why Travel Is Better with a Carry-On

8 Reasons Why Travel Is Better with a Carry On

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8 Reasons Why Travel Is Better with a Carry-On

8 Reasons Why Travel Is Better with a Carry On

Smart travelers know about the beauty of traveling with only a carry-on. Here's your guide to the good life of traveling light.  

Even if you’re the type of person who thinks the idea of cramming an entire week’s worth of clothes and supplies sounds terrible and draconian, when you learn how easy it is, you’ll appreciate the bliss of carry-on life. What’s more, we’re betting there are advantages to using a carry on you haven’t even considered. Learn about the many benefits for travelers who only use a carry on.

8 Reasons Why Using Only a Carry On Makes More Sense Than Ever

1. Line avoidance.

Curbside check-in, ticket counter check-in, and baggage carousels all have waits associated with them. If you are on vacation, this is time that can certainly be better spent. On a business trip, this time could be better invested.

2. Save your back.

A checked bag can weigh a ton. Avoid the strain. Avoid the pain.

3. Save money.

Most airlines charge a checked bag fee. And large volume luggage pieces can easily tip the scales at 40-50 lbs., adding an overweight charge. The airlines are getting stricter and stricter with weight limits, and finding more opportunities to tack on extra fees. Your wallet will thank you, and you can spend the saved money on something more meaningful.

4. Keep your stuff with you at all times.

Your stuff stays your stuff. Between TSA searches, luggage handlers and making your connections... it's an added stress-relief knowing your things are with you at all times.

5. Never lose your bags.

Unless you actually just leave your bag somewhere and forget it, you won’t have to risk the hassle of having the airlines lose your bags.

6. Keep your bags more secure during transit. 

If you’re only managing one bag of a reasonable (carry-on) size, you can probably stuff it under your seat on a bus, train, or plane, instead of having to hand it off to strangers or leaving it in shelves or on a storage rack.

7. Simple = less stressful. 

Having only one bag to think about, one bag to carry, one bag to pack, one bag to remember, it just simplifies things.

8. Enjoy better mobility. 

Guess what else makes life easier about having only one bag? It’s far more convenient to get around with just a carry-on. You have the flexibility of using whatever modes of transportation you want. You don’t have to allot for extra time to check your bag or pick it up at the luggage carousel. You can walk around new places without the hindrance of lugging over-stuffed bags.

Using only one bag can be a beautiful thing. Ultimately, it’s about having the best possible travel experience. When you take the time to plan for simple, seamless travel, you have more time to enjoy the little things, the surprising things, the unexpected things, without having to worry about logistics.