Packing Light for a Cold-Weather Trip or Vacation? It’s in the Bag.

Packing Light for a Cold-Weather Trip or Vacation? It’s in the Bag.

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Do you still believe that packing light for a winter trip means excess and overweight baggage?

Prepare to suspend your disbelief. Packing light for a cold-weather vacation is not an oxymoron. All you need is the right gear—and a few essential tips, tricks, and hacks. Seasoned and intrepid travelers the world over have discovered the keys to packing light for winter holidays. Want to travel lighter this winter? Eagle Creek has it in the bag.


Why Pack Light?

There are benefits to packing light for any vacation, but maybe none more so than a cold-weather one. In a day and age where lost luggage is commonplace, having valuables and essentials by your side is a huge comfort. But beyond that, there is something liberating about packing light. The concept of ‘less is more’ values simplicity. By having less, (or in this case, by packing less) we can enjoy more. 

Eagle Creek knows a thing or two about less is more. This is why we’ve designed packing systems and gear that help travelers get from Point A to Point B and everywhere in between efficiently, valuing quality first and foremost. Our Pack-It collection will not only change the way you pack, but it will also change the way you travel. In a nutshell, you can fully focus on the important parts of your trip when excess isn’t an issue. Still wondering how to pack light for cold weather? Read on for more cold-weather packing tips and what to pack for cold weather.



The Art of Packing Cubes When Packing Light

Don’t be fooled—not all packing cubes are created alike. Packing cubes are designed to create space in our luggage, protect valuable items, and help organize them. Above all else, they need to be durable. The zippers and materials need to work hard under stress. 

The bulkiest of coats and snow pants will meet their match with Eagle Creek’s medium and large-sized Pack-It Compression Sacs. These nylon-reinforced sacs will save cold-weather-bound travelers up to 80% of their overall packing volume. 

The Pack-It Isolate Compression Cube Set is another product that will save travelers much-needed space in their luggage on a cold-weather vacation. Lightweight and super strong, pack one with base layers, one with outerwear, and one with accessories. On your return home, use them to separate dirty clothes from clean ones.

Eagle Creek’s Reveal Expansion Cubes are especially unique. Their see-through design allows you to find packed items quickly and easily. They are useful for compressing bulky winter sweaters and coats. And for those who like to maximize every inch of space in their luggage, the Pack-It Slim Cube Set cleverly and perfectly nestles between the handle tubes of any wheeled luggage. It’s the ideal place to put gloves, hats, and socks. When packing light for cold weather, every inch counts.

For some of us, toiletries occupy an excessive amount of luggage space. This can be an issue when we need to pack light. The Pack-It Gear Quick Trip dopp kit has a minimalist vibe and an organizational punch. Durable and rugged, this kit will keep your toiletries in check without taking up valuable space.



How To Pack Light and Carry On

Still wondering what to pack for cold weather? When packing for a cold-weather destination, there’s more to think about than puffer coats and packing cubes. The type of bag you choose is critical to your packing success. Are you heading somewhere snowy or with challenging terrain? Consider the rugged Cargo Hauler XT. This bag features two heavy duty wheels built to conquer rough paths and zip-away backpack straps when you need to navigate piles of slush. Or, if you are going straight from the airport to the hotel consider the versatile and eco-friendly Expanse Convertible International Carry On. This bag offers two modes of carry and is available in both two and four wheel options, so you can whiz through the airport at lightning speed. Constructed of 100% recycled fabrics, travelers will feel good knowing they’ve made a sustainable choice with either option.

For those times you want to travel lighter than ever, the check-in-sized Tour Travel Pack 55L is the way to go. This comfort-driven backpack not only has oodles of packing space, it is ergonomically designed for a perfectly balanced fit. Use your new packing cubes and toiletry kit with this ultra-light backpack and you’ll have discovered the travel trifecta for packing light.



How To Pack Light: 6 Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

Everyone has their own method of packing light for a cold-weather vacation. But even the most seasoned travelers can learn new tips. Some of the best ways to pack light are the simplest and easiest to implement.  

  1. Wear your heaviest and bulkiest items on the plane, including footwear. Wear them again on your return home and they will never take up any valuable luggage space.
  2. Think about re-wearable clothing. That one mid-layer fleece can be worn every day you snowboard, ski, or snowshoe. This will free up room for extra-base layers which are bound to get dirty faster.
  3. Find outerwear that has built-in, removable layers so you don’t have to pack a variety of coats.
  4. Make a packing list with versatile items. Then edit it as you pack. Do you need four bulky sweaters? Let’s face it, only you will remember you wore the same jeans twice.
  5. When possible, rent equipment at your destination. For instance, many winter lodges will rent skis, boots, boards, helmets, and other bulky gear.
  6. Implement the 54321 packing method, which outlines the ideal way to pack light and is especially helpful when packing for cold weather. This viral hack contends that all one needs to pack on any given trip are five tops, four bottoms, three pairs of shoes, two (dresses or handbags), and one each of small accessories. Items will vary depending upon location but the strategy is a sound one. Less is more!


The Best Way to Pack Light is Personal

We all have our tried and tested strategies and techniques for packing light. As the travel landscape morphs and shifts, with more people opting to travel light, Eagle Creek has a pulse on what’s trending. Their dependable, stylish, and sustainable products are just what we need to navigate the terrain. Whether you like to travel light or don’t mind checking bags, Eagle Creek has what you need to get out there and explore.

Are you a believer? Cold-weather travel doesn’t have to be associated with multiple heavy checked bags. Packing light for cold-weather destinations is easy to accomplish with the right gear and a few helpful tips and tricks. So start packing. Winter is coming.