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The best travel backpacks combine smart storage with high-quality durability and ultralight functionality. If you're backpacking the backcountry, invest in a hiking backpack or duffel bag that's water-resistant, has a padded back panel, waist straps for even weight distribution, and a suspension system. Plus, waist straps and easy access to a water bottle pocket for day trips. If you're headed on a weekend trip, make sure you pack enough packing cubes and a spare rain cover in the main compartment of your laptop backpack. Plus, the best carry-on size travel gear is equipped with compression straps, padded shoulder straps, and a hip belt to optimize weight distribution.

The best carry-on travel backpacks? Right here.

If you're a digital nomad, then a heavy-duty detachable daypack is ideal for adventure travel. Grab a weekender with a front-loading front pocket to stow under your seat. Get ready for that road trip with a carry-on bag equipped with a padded laptop compartment that's easy to log work hours over long distances. When it comes to side pockets, you've hit the mother lode with our TSA-approved top-loading packs that are unisex and easy to unzip. Lockable zippers and a laptop pocket or laptop sleeve will give you peace of mind that your stuff is protected in your carry-on luggage. For the minimalist looking for maximum impact, take advantage of expert toiletry storage and a lifetime warranty.