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$22.95 -  $24.95
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Multi S/F/B Multi S/F/B Multi S/F/B
Clear F/B Clear F/B Clear F/B
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Multi S/F/B Multi S/F/B Multi S/F/B
Clear S/F/B Clear S/F/B Clear S/F/B
Image for Pack-It™ Compression Sac Set M/M from EagleCreek United States
Clear/Flame Orange Clear/Flame Orange

Compression sacks are perfect for the over-packers who tend to fill your suitcase to “almost bursting” status. With a few zips, you can clear room in your luggage and carry-ons, as well as separating clean and dirty laundry.

Waste less space when you pack

Our compressions cubes and compression sacks will help you save some space! The compression packing cubes have a double zipper compressing system that helps condense your stuff to take up less space. The compression sacs are like giant baggies and can save you up to 80% of packing volume – simply pack your travel gear, zip up, and roll to remove all air and compress.

Compress soft luggage, like t-shirts, pants, and bulky jackets, and leave extra space for non-compressibles like toiletry bags, shoes, and souvenirs. Eagle Creek pack compression cube sets give you the best compression, so you can condense and travel in style. With different sizes and a set of three or two bags available, your space-saving compression packing cubes remove the hassle from long trips. Even unpacking is easier: simply unzip and your clothes return to normal.

Make carry-on your main luggage

Weight limits on transit can be hard to match. That's why our ultralight Eagle Creek Specter sets take up almost as little weight in your travel bag as they do space. Choose from the water-resistant Specter packing cube set, the original set (featuring breathable mesh panels to keep your compressed clothes fresh), or a compression sac set. The compression zipper system on our small cubes and medium cubes means that even while breathable, the slimming compression still works wonders on your luggage space. Make sure to check out our other travel accessories and travel packs that will make your trip less of a hassle.

The best packing cubes for your trip

We engineer our compression bags and sacs for high-quality durability. Your bags can survive everything from a months-long backpacking trip to a stint in carry-on luggage over the weekend. With ripstop nylon, your compression sacs will resist tears, even when you stuff them full. Our compression cubes are also made of ripstop fabrics and other quality materials, with the added bonus of breathability to keep clothes fresher for longer. And when you have dirty clothes to stick back in your luggage, keep your laundry separated by carrying an extra compression bag for a laundry bag.

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