PACK-IT™ Isolate Clean/Dirty Cube S

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PACK-IT™ Isolate Clean/Dirty Cube S

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A must-have two-sided packing cube, the Pack-It™ Isolate Clean/Dirty Cube is built with some extra-awesome functionality. You see, one side is breathable and the other is a bit more secure to hold in (or keep out) moisture or odors that inherently come with traveling. Isolate Clean/Dirty Cubes keep stinky clothes contained, so you can always travel with peace of mind.

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Color: BLACK
Size: S

PACK-IT™ Isolate Clean/Dirty Cube S


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Product Details
  • Use the small cube to pack up pajamas, T-shirts, underwear and more
  • Internal floating divider separates two adjustable compartments for clean and dirty items
  • You decide how to pack; more clean clothes on one side means less room on the opposite side for dirty
  • Isolate compartments are designed to lock in moisture and odors, keeping the rest of your stuff dry
  • Self-repairing zippers feature climbing rope-inspired cord pullers
  • Top handle for easy carry to grab-and-go
  • Constructed using a durable ultra-lightweight and translucent ripstop poly fabric
  • Machine washable and water-resistant

External Dimensions

  • 7.25 x 10 x 3.75 in. / 18 x 25 x 9.5 cm


  • 1.8 oz. / 51 g

Internal Capacity

  • 460 cu. in. / 7.5 L


  • 100% Polyester Ripstop