Eagle Creek makes quality products and backs them with industry-leading warranties. Keeping gear out of landfills, and making product with as little impact on the planet as possible, is fundamental to our brand values and integral to our design process.

Sustainable Methods

Recycled PVB

There are more than 1 Billion cars on this planet, many with laminated windshields that have been piling up in landfills since the 1930’s. We harvest those windshields to develop a coating that makes Eagle Creek bags water-resistant and more durable. Recycled and repurposed. That’s RPVB.


The bluesign® standard brings the entire textile production chain together to lessen its impact on people and the environment.


Eagle Creek products are 99% Phthalate (PVC) free in 2018 and will be 100% PVC-free by 2020.


Eagle Creek uses TPU in place of PVC to add water-resistance, durability and added life to our products. Longer-lasting products stay in your hands and out of landfills. PVC-free means fewer toxins in the environment.

Water-Based Coatings

Harvesting discarded windshield plastic from landfills, we’ve developed a recycled RPV coating that makes bags water-resistant and even more durable.

Eagle Creek Warranty & Repair

Eagle Creek is synonymous with quality. Every buckle, zipper and fabric choice is meticulously selected and tested. After products are built, we make sure they can handle real-world travel abuses so that you never have to worry about that.

When a product fails, we take care of it. Our Warranty Team is 100% committed to getting products back on the road and keeping waste out of landfills.


Eagle Creek has eliminated all plastics, including clamshells, inserts, and other materials from our packaging. Every piece of packaging contains 70% or more of post-consumer waste, which recycles discarded waste.

Goals - 2020

Eco-Friendly Poly Bags

Develop an eco-friendly poly bag solution that promises minimal carbon-footprint and environmental impact

75% bluesign® certified fabrics

Increase the percentage of bluesign® certified fabrics used by Eagle Creek

100% Fluorocarbon-Free Finishes

Eliminate the use of all fluorocarbons by changing DWR coatings from C6 to C0