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  • Tarmac XE 4-Wheel 22" Carry On Luggage

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  • Tarmac XE 4-Wheel 26" Luggage

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4-Wheel Luggage

Shop 4-wheel luggage made from lightweight materials designed with all types of travelers in mind. Find carry-on spinner bags for easy mobility with four all-wheel drive wheels to help you travel easier. Our 4-wheel luggage is made from heavy-duty materials and is impact-resistant with versatile carry options. Find your next favorite luggage with four wheels today.

4-Wheel Luggage FAQs

What are the benefits of 4-wheel luggage?

Depending on size and preference, four-wheel luggage can be used as a carry-on or checked luggage. Additionally, it offers superior versatility. Other benefits of luggage with 4 wheels include the following:

  • Mobility: With four-wheel luggage, you’ll have improved mobility on even ground, making it ideal for traveling through busy airports.
  • Stability: Tired of struggling to keep your two-wheel luggage in the right position while you walk around? Luggage with four wheels offers better stability, whether standing around or pushing your luggage forward.
  • Ease: Having luggage with four wheels is easier when you have multiple bags because you can push it through smooth airport floors and hotel lobbies.

Is 4-wheel luggage suitable for all types of travel?

4-wheel luggage is suitable for all types of travel. Four-wheel luggage is the best option for maneuvering through the airport because it offers stability and ease. Additionally, you can find four-wheel luggage that works as a carry-on or checked baggage, depending on your needs and preferences.

Where can I find 4-wheel luggage?

You can find luggage with 4 wheels at Eagle Creek. We offer various options, including carry-on 4-wheel luggage and checked 4-wheel luggage, to help you find the right size for your adventures. Additionally, all our products are backed by our No Matter What(™) Warranty, so you can rest assured your luggage is made from the highest quality durable materials.

Does 4-wheel luggage come in different sizes?

Yes, Eagle Creek offers several sizes of four-wheel luggage, including carry-on and checked baggage sizes. However, we recommend checking with your airline for carry-on size requirements. If, for some reason, your Eagle Creek 4-wheel luggage doesn’t meet those requirements, try our travel backpacks and duffel bags instead.