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Which Piece of Luggage Should I Bring on my Trip?

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Which Piece of Luggage Should I Bring on my Trip?


For many travelers, packing can be the most difficult, time-consuming part of travel planning. Differing climates, destinations, trip length and travel styles means that no two people will ever pack the exactly same items for their journey—according to the staffers at Eagle Creek, nor should they take the exact same bag every time. To help you get an idea of which kind of luggage will work for your trip—and your travel style—we interviewed several members of their in-house team. Many of these “packing gurus” are expert travelers themselves and their experience can help you be better prepared for your next journey.

Travel Type: The Budget Backpacker

Description : Stays in hostels, takes overnight trains and carries everything they own on their back

Mark, Product Designer: “For those that realize the benefits of wheels but still want to be able to carry the bag like a backpack, I’d suggest the Switchback 26. It has all the same features as the Rincon 65L Travel Pack, but you can also wheel it when the load gets to be too taxing.”

Eric, Key Accounts Sales: “I like the Rincon 65L because it’s designed with more technical features, and it has a very comfortable suspension. I also like using the removable daypack as my "everyday" bag if I'm in a place where I can safely lock up my pack. Otherwise, the pack is on my back the whole time. The zip-away suspension allows the user to hide away the straps and hip belt when in storage, reducing the risk of damage.”

Travel Type: The Lightweight Business Traveler

Description: Wants to pack light and restrict his or her bags to a carry-on only

Mark: “Go for the Tarmac 22. This is an exceptional carry-on bag that maintains the professional aesthetic. It has lots of organizational extras that you won’t find on other bags. One in particular is the "Coat Keeper" which is a feature that allows you lay your coat over the top of the bag, and then secure it in place so that it won't fall off onto the ground. It's also lightweight, compatible with Pack-It™ organizers, and has a No Matter What™ Warranty.”

Jeff, Marketing: “I would recommend the EC Adventure 4-wheeled 22. It’s a light 4-wheeled bag weighing only 7 lbs 13oz (3.54 kg). Also, having 4-wheels gives the bag effortless mobility. If you have not test-driven a 4-wheeled piece of luggage, I would highly recommend giving one a spin. It’ll open your eyes to a whole new world!”

Travel Type: The Leisure Traveler

Description: Doesn’t need to pack super light—but still wants to be lean and agile as they travel

Eric: “My personal go-to is the ORV 30 Wheeled Duffel. It's tough, has ample packing space and there are a ton of handles that allow you to throwing it around. It’s a good think it’s also so tough and durable.”

Jeff: “Since this traveler isn’t concerned about packing super light, I would recommend a Tarmac 26. It’s not too small and not too big. The Tarmac is ultra durable and backed by our No Matter What™ Warranty.”

Travel Type: The Full Time Traveler

Description : Always on the road; runs the gamut of travel accommodations from luxury hotels and budget guesthouses

Mark, Product Designer: “I would recommend the Switchback 22. This is an ideal bag that is lightweight, versatile enough to handle all kinds of terrain, has lots of organization features, and is compatible with Pack-It™ organizers to help reduce wrinkles and pack more efficiently. The Tarmac is also built super tough to withstand constant abuse imposed by airport luggage handlers. That's why this luggage carries the No Matter What™ Warranty. Any full-time traveler will understand the benefit of that warranty since most have already gone through several sets of luggage.”

Eric: “Consider the Exploration Series or the EC Adventure Collections—also because of the No Matter What™ Warranty.”

Jeff: “Our Load Warrior—which launched last fall—is perfect for this type of traveler. Eagle Creek covers all the bases with this rolling duffel. They can take this bag anywhere and fit the mold of a higher-end or budget traveler.”

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