4 Ways Travel Pros Use Packing Cubes When Not Traveling

packing cubes

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packing cubes


Packing cubes can help you organize more than just your suitcase. Get the most mileage out of your travel cubes by putting them to everyday use. 


Packing cubes are a no-brainer when it comes to taking trips. In fact, the convenience and level of organization offered by packing cubes often leaves you wondering how you ever traveled without them. However, you don’t have to pack them up and put them away once you’ve returned from your travels. Packing cubes are just as useful once you’re back home. Here are a few ways to use your packing cubes at home (you can thank us later).


1. Organize Your Picnic in the Park

Use packing cubes to pack your next picnic! Mini cube sets are perfect for storing fruit, napkins, cutlery, and ready-to-eat food in tupperware containers. They’re also water-resistant and have firmed sides so you can minimize accidents and bruises on fruit. Assorted sizes mean that you can practically pack anything to take to the park, including your picnic blanket, food, drinks, and games. Just load up all your packing cubes into a trusty backpack and you’re set!


2. Take Them to the Beach

A good beach day requires a little bit of prep. Tossing everything into a big beach bag may seem like a quick way to make it to shore, but you’ll likely spend a frustrating amount of time elbow-deep in that same bag trying to fish out your items once you’re there. Luckily, a good set of packing cubes and a lightweight duffel is all you need to make your trip easy-peasy. Load towels into large packing cubes, stow snorkeling gear or sandcastle-making tools in the medium-sized cubes, and toss your sunscreen in the smallest cubes or packing sacs. To avoid getting sand all over everything, make sure you use packing cubes that zip tight versus ones with mesh sides.


3. Store Your Seasonal Clothes

Anyone who lives in a climate requiring seasonal wardrobes knows the pain of rotating out your closet a few times a year. This is the perfect opportunity to whip out that set of packing cubes to neatly store off-season clothing and accessories. Bigger compression cubes are perfect for bulkier items like winter sweaters, while medium-sized cubes work best for scarves. Use smaller cubes for easy-to-separate paired items, like gloves and socks. In summer, the cubes work well for storing bathing suits, flip flops, and T-shirts.


4. Carry Around School Supplies

After all your summer travel is over, organize your back-to-school life by repurpose your packing cubes into school supply organizers. Pack-It Specter Tech Cubes XS are the perfect size for packing in pencils, markers, or pens. The rip-resistant material holds up against sharpened tips, and the easy-grip top handle makes for easy transport or grabbing out of your school backpack. Longer items like paint brushes and rulers slide easily into the 13-inch-long Pack-It Specter Tech Slim Cubes, and dirty gym clothes can hide out for the rest of the day inside a small Pack-It Specter Cube.

Packing cubes are packed with several non-travel uses. Start maximizing your cubes today with the Eagle Creek Pack-It System.


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