5 Ways the Stash Makes Traveling a Cinch    

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Katie Coakley is a Colorado-based freelance writer who writes about travel, craft beer, and outdoor adventures. The Coronavirus may have kept her state-side but she’s still traveling safely. See more of her work on her website or follow her on Instagram @katie_on_the_map.

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Meet Eagle Creek’s Stash collection: It’s lightweight, functional, and fun, allowing you to keep your necessities close but your hands free for whatever may come. 


Whether you’re strolling through the largest outdoor market in Bangkok, running to catch a train in Paris, or taking a cycling tour of Salzburg, a traditional purse or daypack isn’t really going to cut it. Instead, opt for a personal bag that’s the ideal companion for a wide range of travel situations and adventures: Meet Eagle Creek’s Stash collection. Perfect for keeping your small items safe while ensuring that they’re close at hand for short notice photo ops, these waist bags and pouches are a fun accessory perfect for wherever the road takes you.


Stash Keeps Your Stuff Safe

It’s a fact universally acknowledged that stuff happens. Sometimes it’s as a direct result of your own actions (being so deep in conversation over an espresso in Rome that you leave your phone on the table); sometimes you’re acted against (that same phone is lifted from your purse on the metro). The new Stash collection addresses one of these situations—reinforced zippered pockets add security for out-and-about exploration. Getting so lost in those great travel moments that you’re forgetful? Well, we haven’t figured out a solution for that one yet.


Stash is Perfectly Sized

When traveling, size matters. Just as lugging a gigantic, overstuffed suitcase up five flights of stairs in Lisbon is no fun, flitting fancy-free through Frankfurt with a massive, overstuffed daypack or purse is no bueno, either. The bags in the Stash Collection are perfectly sized to hold your essentials without holding you back.

●      The Stash Waist Bag is mini but mighty, featuring a top volume compartment with internal elastic slip pockets that maintain a slim profile while also fitting your essentials, like a passport, phone, and currency.

●      The Stash Neck Pouch is sleek and subtle, fitting under your shirt or—using the quick-disconnect 54” neck strap—you can sling it around your waist for alternate access. You could even slip it under a skirt.

●      The Stash Cross Body Bag is versatile, featuring two zippered pockets and a design that lets you sling it at whatever angle is most flattering in photos.

Each bag offers travelers a host of unique features, so you can pick the one(s) that fit your style.


Stash Doesn’t Get Sweaty

Of course, we don’t sweat—we glow. But when the temps in Death Valley soar to 115 F, hot is hot. However, your Stash bag won’t contribute to a meltdown as some bags can. With moisture-wicking main body fabric and a mesh back panel, these bags help you keep your cool, no matter what the situation throws at you.


Stash is Stylish

Style is subjective, but the Stash collection has options for every sartorial choice. Choose black or borealis prints for that classic, goes-with-everything statement, or make a statement with fresh seasonal prints. Inspired by Japan’s Hokkaidō island, the second largest and least developed of Japan’s main islands, the prints feature koi fish, a symbol of luck, prosperity, and good fortune, or tulips, highlighting Hokkaidō’s wild spaces and fauna


Stash Keeps It Simple

When traveling, simple is best. After all, you’re on the road to soak up new experiences, meet new friends, and get out of the rut, right? The Stash Collection’s ability to let you explore hands-free—and its versatile wear options (both over and under clothes)—means that you can cycle, run, stroll, and dance while keeping your essentials close at hand. 

And if all of these examples weren’t enough, the Stash collection is made with eco-friendly, bluesign® approved materials and 100% recycled 200D poly lining, which means it’s a good choice for you AND for the planet.


So check out the Stash collection for your next adventure. It’s the perfect traveling companion whether you’re heading to Cartagena or to the corner store.


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