What to Pack for a Snowy Vacation

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Packing for a Snowy Adventure | Eagle Creek


Packing for a snowy, winter trip is a totally different beast than packing for a beachy, summer vacation. Find out what to bring to make sure you have everything you need to keep warm and have fun during your cold-weather activities.


Whether you’re headed on a snowboarding trip to Colorado or a ski trip to the Alps, it’s important to make sure you pack everything you need for a cold-weather trip. 

Winter gear takes up a lot more space than swimsuits and flip flops, especially if you’re packing specialized snow sports gear, so you’ll likely need to take a bigger bag, like the ORV Trunk 30. This bag also has a boot bin on the bottom, perfect for heavy snow boots, and a wet/dry compartment to keep your snowy gear separate if it’s not totally dry before you have to head back to the airport.

It can be especially helpful for packing to plan out your itinerary in advance. Make a list of all of your potential activities, and then make a pile of clothes for each activity. For example, a day of snowboarding needs one kind of gear, while a day of snowshoeing needs another, and a day out sightseeing requires totally different clothes and shoes. And remember, if you’re doing a winter sport during the day, you’ll need a separate outfit for the evening, so you don’t have to go out to dinner in your snow pants! It’s a different way to think about packing than your usual vacation. 

For example, you’re not just packing for say, a five-day trip, you’re packing for a range of different experiences. For winter-weather trips, it’s better to overpack than underpack, especially since clothes are more likely to get wet in the snow. For soft bulky items like sweaters, we recommend using compression cubes to save space in your luggage. For the rest of your clothes, packing organizers will keep everything nice and neat.


Have fun on your next winter adventure (and don’t forget to pack some cozy socks!)


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