Product Spotlight: Morphus International Carry-On

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Morphus International Carry-On

With two bags in one, the Morphus International Carry-On packs ultimate versatility. Get to know this durable and lightweight bag.

Are you ready for the most durable, versatile, and light bag on the market? That’s exactly what you get what the Morphus International Carry-On. With this new bag, Eagle Creek wanted to create something that would adjust to travelers’ needs throughout the duration of their trips. But how exactly did they design the Morphus and in what ways will it cater to you, the everywhere traveler? Let’s break down all that and more with this new product guide.

A Multi-Tooled Travel Bag

The Morphus is one bag that transforms into two. Pack it as one international sized carry-on that is sized for an international flight, and separate it into a small gear pack for stowing items you want to easily grab mid-flight under your seat and a larger bag for overhead storage. There are plenty of grab handles, too, so you can quickly get in and out of cars or buses while traveling over land.

A Seamless Transformation

Separating the two components of the Morphus couldn’t be easier. The innovative construction allows you to zip off the front bag from the polycarbonate back shell. Using the bottom magnetic buckles, the bottom foot, and main separating zipper, the front portion pulls away as a pack ideal for a long weekend. What you have remaining is a full piece of luggage. Pull up the remaining interior liner and pop it out to create bag number two. Push the bottom buckles back to their original position, strap them to the interior, and you have your original bag along with the smaller, detached one.

Durable Hybrid Construction

The Polycarbonate shell on the back and the Bi-Tech Material on the front ensure that the Morphus will protect everything on the inside while looking good on the outside. At just over five pounds in weight, you’ll barely notice the Morphus when lifting it. For added comfort and safety, the Morphus includes a sternum strap and number 10 zippers that can fit a travel lock.

Hands Free Design

Like all of our wheeled luggage, the Morphus has a handle and multi-terrain wheels so you can pull it through most destinations. If you want to travel with your hands free to use your phone or camera, or just for the ease of not holding a bag, you can opt to carry it on your backwith hide-able backpack straps.

Built for Organization

Whichever bag you use, there is plenty of room to utilize the Eagle Creek Pack-It System for ease and organization. You’ll also find plenty of pockets for storing cellphones, power supplies, and everything else that you’ll want to bring along.

Two Bags, One Warranty

While the Morphus International Carry-On transforms into two bags, this multi-use travel bag is still covered by one No Matter What Warranty. If anything happens to it and you need a repair or replacement, that’s covered.

With the Morphus International Carry-on, you’re not just buying one great bag: You’re buying two. Shop this exciting new bag here.

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