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Ben Horton has based his career on being able to go places that other people either cannot, or don’t want to go.  From thousands of feet underwater to the most remote regions in the arctic, Ben’s passion is to use photography as a means to inspire people to take stewardship of the planet.  He aims to give people who may not be able to see something for themselves a vicarious experience through his images that will instill a passion in them they would never have otherwise.  

Don’t Get Comfortable, featuring Ben Horton

Pursue the unknown with National Geographic Explorer, Ben Horton, as he details his journey from aspiring photographer to world-traveled adventurer. The Eagle Creek National Geographic Guide Series - six durable travel bags crafted in the first ever partnership between Eagle Creek and National Geographic. Exceeding adventure-travel standards, this collection combines the brands’ shared passion for exploration, conservation and adventure. The result is a product meant to inspire and sustain a life spent in the outdoors. The bags are backed by Eagle Creek No Matter What™ Warranty, a lifetime guarantee. Additionally, National Geographic Partners returns 27% of all proceeds back to the non-profit National Geographic Society to support their work exploring and protecting our planet. Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Tweet at us:


Ben Horton, National Geographic Adventure Photographer, goes where others often don’t. His ability to take photos in hostile environments has been the foundation of his career, yielding remarkable adventure-inspired photography.


I can’t say that I have a specific environment that I like to work in. Sometimes I find myself in the high arctic withstanding the bitter cold, and other times I’m wandering through the amazon drenched in a tropical downpour. I’ve even found myself photographing sharks in feeding frenzy 300 miles from shore. In essence, wherever I can find my unknown… that’s where I go.

When exploring the most distant, harsh, and uninviting places on our planet, there are only a few things that can turn us back besides our own minds. Those things are our skill set, our personal comfort level, and the gear that we chose to take with us. It’s always a bummer when we have the skills, motivation, and time, but our gear fails. As a person who often ends up in these places, my gear is more than just a statement about my personal style, it’s a critical part of the success of my journey.

I believe good equipment is the kind of thing that you research, decide on, and then can forget about. To be honest, because I did my research initially, today I couldn’t tell you what brand my sleeping bag is (or what it’s rated) but I know it allows me to sleep out in -30 degrees. I have no idea what the exact rating is on my climbing gear, but I know it’s stronger than I am. I know my camera is capable of capturing any moment I can put it in front of, as long as I’m paying attention.

Until now, I’ve had different bags for different destinations. One set for wet weather, one for ocean travel, and another set for dragging through dirt and rock. But with this new equipment from Eagle Creek, I finally have one set of bags that handles anything I throw at it. So now I can forget about all those extraneous details.



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