Design Inspiration: Cargo Hauler Special Edition

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Inside Eagle Creek: Cargo Hauler Special Edition


Product Design Manager, Mark Davis, talks through his inspiration to be a designer and how that led to the creation of the ultimate gear bag, the Cargo Hauler Special Edition.


Ever since he was a young kid making toys for him and his siblings, Mark had an interest in product design. Although he never would have pegged himself as a luggage designer, he has found there's something really fun about designing them.

Mark designed the ultimate gear bag by drawing inspiration from the different ways people seek adventure - sailing, hiking the mountains or travelling and getting to know cultures, to combine them into the ultimate gear bag.

The Cargo Hauler Special Edition incorporate all sorts of design elements to make a truly innovative product. The duffel is made with an extremely durable, lightweight, and waterproof sailcloth fabric (same fabric used in sails), and an extremely abrasion resistant Bi-Tech™ Armor Lite material for the bottom of the bag. It features organizational pockets that work seamlessly with our Pack-It™ cubes, robust zippers, ergonomic and detachable backpack straps that also double as the tote handle, and a rectangle shape to enhance the stackability.

As a designer, Marks' ultimate goal is to “Connect people with other people around the world, with other cultures, with the environment. Connect them with the beauties of the world. If we can do that, I’d say that’s a success.”


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