Urban Adventures in Sydney

Urban Adventures in Sydney

Urban Adventures in Sydney

Urban Adventures in Sydney

It may be an urban metropolis with nearly 5 million people, but there are still plenty of ways to experience legendary “land down under” adventure within Sydney’s city limits!

If you’re looking for some serious adventure near Sydney, Australia, you don’t have to take a road trip to the Blue Mountains (90 minutes west) or scramble to get to the Central Coast (about 45 minutes north) to find it. Although Sydney is the continent’s most densely populated metropolis, there’s still plenty of nature and adventure within its limits—and a seemingly endless array of way to climb, swim and even fly through the city. Just pick your favorite activity and take a short metro ride to get to the ultimate urban rush!

Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

No visit to Sydney is complete without standing atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Sign up for the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, which will have you ducking and weaving your way through the bridges pylons and lower levels before completing the 439 foot (134 meter) walk to the summit of the bridge, which has arguably the best views of the city. Note that there are actually four unique bridge walks now, including a twilight climb that ends as the city turns alight at night.

Kayak Sydney Harbour

Most people will only see the harbour by ferry and perhaps by boat so dare to be different and explore the world’s largest natural harbour by kayak. During your excursion with Natural Wonders you can paddle under the Harbour Bridge and explore the peaceful bays or if you’re up for it, you can paddle out to Cockatoo Island to learn more about the wildlife living in the harbour.

Learn How to Fly on the Trapeze

Have you ever wanted to experience the rush and adrenaline that comes with swinging 25 feet (eight meters) above the ground and being caught by a set of hands in mid-air? Sydney Trapeze School is the only place in the city that offers lessons if you want to learn to fly. It’s an activity that’s relatively easy to pick up, so once you learn the basics, you’ll be soaring through the air in no time flat!

Surf Bondi

Bondi Beach is world-renowned for its incredible stretch of golden sand located around six miles (10 kilometers) from downtown—but did you know that it also has one of the best surf breaks in the city? If you’re in town for a visit, head to Let’s Go Surfing to get kitted up (that’s the Aussie way of saying “stocked with the appropriate gear”) for a 2-hour lesson to learn the basics of paddling, popping up and riding the waves. Or, if you’re already a surf pro, you can rent a board and get out on the waves straight away. Just use caution and always stay within the area manned by Sydney’s famous lifeguards—Bondi may be beautiful, but there are some pretty strong currents to be aware of and avoid.

See the Sights by Jet Boat

Feel the wind tearing through your hair on this fast-paced ride around Sydney Harbour. Tour the city’s most popular sights – from The Rocks to Taronga Zoo – in record time from the high-speed boat as it spins, slides and fish-tails around the harbour. If bring your money or passport with you, secure them in a discreet money belt to wear during your speedy ride through the harbour.

Parkour Your Way Across the City

See Sydney through new eyes as you explore it by running, climbing, jumping and vaulting your way through the city as part of a Parkour Class, a training method for movement through any environment at speed. Bring a friend along for this fast-paced activity to keep you motivated and moving! While Eagle Creek is here to provide tips and insights on travel, we cannot accept any responsibility for any potential consequences arising from the use of this information. Always conduct your own research and use your best judgment. Nicole Smith is the Australian-born girl behind travel blog, Bitten by the Travel Bug where she documents her solo journey around the world in search of adventure, culture, and just a little bit of luxury. Between her travels she is also works in radio, television and is a freelance writer (phew!).


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