Quiz: Pick the Best Backpack for Your Next Adventure

Quiz: Pick the Best Backpack for Your Next Adventure

Written by Shannon O’Donnell on

Shannon O'Donnell is a long-term traveler who has been on the road since 2008 and has lived everywhere from Southeast Asia to Barcelona, where she now calls home. She travels slowly and supports responsible tourism along the way, winning numerous awards for her work advocating for the communities impacted by travel and tourism.

Quiz: Pick the Best Backpack for Your Next Adventure

Need help picking the right Eagle Creek backpack for your trip? There are several different styles from which to choose, so take this quick quiz, which will help you make the perfect decision.

Question #1: The most important quality in your new backpack is...

A. Durability

B. Affordability

C. Style

D. Versatility

Question #2: Your next vacation will be...

A. Camping with your closest friends

B. A classic American road trip

C. A tech conference

D. A “bleisure” trip that combines work with a good time

Question #3: Using just one word, you would describe yourself as...

A. Rugged

B. Down to Earth

C. Adaptable

D. Polished

Question #4: You are on a backpacking adventure in another country. How do you get around?

A. Chicken bus

B. Motorbike

C. Train

D. Taxi

Now take a look at how your answers stack up, below.

Mostly A’s: You need a backpack from the Exploration Series Collection.

You’re tough on your gear, and there's nothing wrong with that. You are all about muddy, splashy, rock-thumping adventures that are off the beaten path, and you need a bag that can keep up with you. The built-tough Exploration Series was made for you. These bags are super light, repel water, and give you adaptable space to store your things the way that you prefer. The Gear Hauler is a standard-sized carry-on that pulls double duty as a duffel bag and a backpack. The backpack straps zip away for maximum versatility. Need to bring a laptop along on a bumpy ride? You’ll love the Wayfinder Backpack 40L, which has both laptop and tablet sleeves, as well as an attached rain fly cover.

Mostly B’s: You need a backpack from the No Matter What Collection.

Your approach to both life and travel is low on frills and high on practicality. The No Matter What backpacks are priced to fit your budget, yet afford plenty of room and a comfortable carry. The Top Load backpack comes in sporty colors with reflective details that will keep you visible at night, and with a safety whistle on the sternum strap, you’ll feel safer in any situation. The Classic Backpack is your go-to carry-on, with a back slip panel that will slide onto the handle of your rolling bag. It’s ultra-durable, making it an even better deal for the money.

Mostly C’s: You need a backpack from the Outdoor Gear Series.

You are a thoroughly modern traveler, and you’ve got the gear to match. Your ideal bag has tech-friendly perks like a built-in laptop sleeve and a pocket to store your cords, chargers, headphones, and small gadgets. In the Outdoor Gear series, the XTA Backpack is a top choice, because it minimizes stress on high-impact points and its contoured straps feel great on your shoulders. The Afar Backpack*delivers both form and function with lash points and compression straps for gear along with a trim, minimalist look. Versatility is the name of the game here.

Mostly D’s: You need a Converge Backpack.

You need a backpack that does the job for both work and play. If you want the benefits of both a business-travel bag and an adventure backpack, you want one of the Converge series’ choices. The Converge Backpack is made of poly-twill with a water-resistant lining to keep your gear safe. For those who do business on the road, the Mobile Office backpack—with its internal organizer—is perfect for making sure that your files stay put in transit. Nothing but the newest and coolest will satisfy you, and Converge hits all the right buttons.

Take the guesswork out of finding the perfect backpack for your next adventure and view the entire selection of Eagle Creek travel and adventure backpacks.


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