Organization Hacks: Use Eagle Creek Gear To Get Your Life In Order

Organization Hacks: Use Eagle Creek Gear To Get Your Life In Order

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Organization Hacks: Use Eagle Creek Gear To Get Your Life In Order


The inside of your travel pack is a neat and tidy dream, thanks to Eagle Creek packing organizers. The rest of your life, though, is less of an organized masterpiece and more of a…pile.

The good news is that, as an avid traveler, you already have just about everything you need to achieve professional levels of organization. Take your packing skills and use them outside the suitcase with these 10 ideas for organizing your life with the help of Eagle Creek products.

Tip 1: Keep Your Desk Straight.

In the span of a workday, your desk goes from professional presentation to a mess of cords, pens, sticky notes, and way too many coffee cups. While we can’t help you with the errant coffee cups, we can get the rest of your work supplies in order with the eTools Organizer Pro, which offers compartmentalized storage for cords, wires, tablets, pens, and even documents. In addition to sliding right into your desk drawer, this travel organizer-turned-desk-organizer is made of water-resistant Bi-Tech™ material that will protect your electronics from whatever remains in all those mystery coffee cups.

Tip 2: Keep Your Must Haves in a Quick Trip.

Are you always searching for your keys, phone charger, lip balm, and subway card as you head out the the door? Make your mornings easier by storing them all in a “go bag,” like the Pack-It Specter™ Quick Trip. Keep magnetic key cards in the exterior zippered pocket, and you won’t even have to take them out to swipe your way in!

Tip 3: Separate the Really Dirty Laundry.

There’s dirty laundry, and then there’s really dirty laundry. We’re talking about the hot yoga outfits, or post-camping trip socks that threaten rest of the laundry pile — and the rest of the laundry room, for that matter — with their stink. Keep those items separate with the Pack-It Sport™ Wet Dry Fitness Locker, the machine washable organizer will help contain odor and prevent microbial growth with Agion™ Antimicrobial treatment, until they’re ready to go in the wash.

Tip 4: Compress Seasonal Storage.

Putting seasonal clothing away until next year is a breeze with the help of some key packing organizers. Shrink down your bulky winter clothing with the Pack-It™ Compression Sac Set, which reduces their size by up to 80 percent. And then there’s the Pack-It Specter™ Compression Cube Set, which expands to fit more clothing, but features compression zippers to reduce the size once full. Finally, for items that would benefit from wrinkle-free storage, use the Pack-It™ Garment Folder, which uses Compress Wings™ to keep pressed clothing looking good.

Tip 5: Make the Most of Space Under the Bed.

Know your limitations when it comes to the size of your home. If you have minimal storage space, don’t use it all on your luggage. Instead, slide the lightweight wheeled EC Lync right under your bed: The large capacity suitcase collapses down to a stuff sac when not in use.

Tip 6: Sort Out Your Bathroom Storage.

It’s time to face facts: That overflowing drawer of lotions, potions, and cosmetics isn’t really a beacon of bathroom organization. Sort out the unused and expired products that are just taking up drawer space, and put your go-to necessities in a hanging toiletry bag, like the Pack-It Sport™ Wallaby. Not only does this case have three organizational pockets inside, but also it has just enough space to fit the items you regularly use. By cutting down on the goods you don’t need, you’ll cut your morning routine time down significantly, and will always have a pre-packed travel cosmetics kit.

Tip 7: Get Smart About Shoe Storage.

Shoe storage is always a nightmare. Shoe racks take up a whole lot of precious closet space and jumble all of your shoes together, and large storage bins mingle all the shoes’ dirt with reckless abandon. Instead, store each pair alongside the clothes you typically wear them with by using Pack-It™ Shoe Sacs, which can be hung on hooks or hangers with their convenient carry handles. Plus, these sacs are made with LinkSeal™ Mesh for dirt resistance.

Tip 8: Achieve An Actually Organized Sock Drawer.

Sock and underwear drawers are some of the least organized spots in the house, but that can change, with the help of Pack-It™ Tube Cubes. Fill one tube with underwear and another with socks, and spend less of your life rifling through a jumbled drawer. Plus, the tube cubes have mesh tops, so you can easily see what’s inside when perusing for a pair.

Tip 9: Store Outdoor Gear in Indoor Luggage.

Camping gear has trouble feeling at home when it returns from the great outdoors. Storing it in the house can be messy, but storing it in the garage can lead to musk, mold, and deterioration. Instead, clean and re-pack your camping gear in your go-to duffel, like the No Matter What Duffel Large. The consolidated storage will fit more easily in a closet than a hodgepodge of loose items, and it’ll be easy to find everything you need for your next trip.

Tip 10: Keep Tabs On Your Winter Wear.

People go to many extremes to keep track of winter accessories, but it’s not necessary (or particularly cute) to safety pin your mittens to your jacket to prevent losing them. Instead, store your winter accessories together in one designated bag, like the Packable Tote, and hang it by the door for easy access.

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