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Volunteer from home while still enjoying some armchair travel when you help companies with their image databases, tour itineraries, and even their own CSR initiatives.


If you’ve been home too long without any travel action but that is one of your most enjoyed hobbies, then volunteering with companies in the travel sector can be another way to channel your wanderlust creatively. With a little research and effort, you will quickly find there are opportunities aplenty to share your expertise and time from home while making a difference in a space you care about. Here are some avenues to explore that could lend a transportive experience:


Organizing Image Databases

Sure, every company in the travel industry, whether directly providing travel services or travel-adjacent offerings, has a large database of images to store and curate. Offer to help with their image library online and you can be traveling the world with them without ever leaving your living room or study. You might chance upon a once in a lifetime experience of working with some well-known photographers and professional storytellers in the process and maybe even learning from your interactions with them.


Crafting Tour Itineraries

Travel is going to look a tad bit different in the future and many companies in the travel industry are initiating a major shift in terms of their tour planning. Help these travel companies by volunteering to help with the research required to pivot, craft meaningful trips for their new audience approach, and streamline day-to-day activities. Many companies have announced aspirational travel recommendations to address the travel demand from people stuck at home but who will one day be ready to pack their bags one more and head out on an adventure.


Marketing and Public Relations

Maybe your expertise lies more on the publicity and promotions side of business. From creating content for websites to news blasts, social media posts and influencer relations, there are online volunteering options galore when it comes to helping with communications and outreach for companies in the travel space. Connecting with target audiences, conveying the right message, and maintaining brand identity in external communications can all be accomplished from home with a little bit of coordination.


Producing Audio and Video Content

Virtual touring experiences and audio podcasts have gained traction largely due to avid travelers and curious-minded folks staying home for long periods of time seeking new modes of entertainment and edutainment. While some companies have jumped on the opportunity right away, others are following suit. If video content is more your specialty, then you will find your skills are in high demand these days.


Assist with CSR Initiatives

Corporate Social Responsibility plays a huge role in an organization’s operations. Even more so now, with travel enthusiasts paying attention to CSR efforts, this is integral to a company’s image. No matter where a company chooses to focus globally, you can help them with their plans to support social causes. Many travel firms have nonprofit arms that are targeted at local community improvement projects in destinations they travel to and highlight. Some are sustainability oriented while others have a culture focus—find one that aligns with your interests and express your ability to assist with their efforts.


Voluntouring Organizations

If there are volunteering opportunities you previously had your eyes on, you can usually still help the same organization without traveling to the destination. Inquire what special projects can be completed if you can donate your expertise or time fundraising, maybe provide online guidance for onsite activities, or see how they can improve upon their existing offerings for future demand. Many companies are turning to alternative income streams and fundraising efforts—such as releasing special edition travel-related products—so you can volunteer in more ways than one. Though you might one day like to visit in person, reach out now and see how you can help!


Sometimes all it takes is extending a lending hand if there is an avenue to collaborate while assisting with an organization’s efforts. There just might be a way for you to contribute to their overall operations while still enjoying some travel inspiration and ideas. If you can’t travel right now, you can also find inspiration in these best books for world travelers.



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