Nick Greece's Travel System

Nick Greece's Travel System

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Nick Greece currently lives eight minutes from Salt Lake City’s international airport. Holding out for a career that would allow him to work remotely, he landed his dream job of editing the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association’s magazine. His spirit first tasted adventure in 1993 when his mom, Carolyn, took him out of school to travel through Peru. Hiking the Inca Trail and seeing the sunrise arrival in Machu Picchu became, for him, the cornerstone of a full-fledged commitment to experiencing as many cultures, and countries, as possible.

Nick Greece's Travel System

Roller Bag: The Best Invention Since Sliced Bread

I was a backpacker. Meaning…I used to wear a backpack when travelling even though I wasn’t going “backpacking” per say. I’m not quite sure why I thought it was the way forward. But I liked the mobility it gave me traveling through airports and cities – and felt I could move more efficiently than if I was rolling a bag behind me. In fact, I went so far as to travel for almost a year with a 50 lb backpack on my front (that carried all my camping gear and clothing and) another 50 lb backpack on my back that held my paragliding equipment.

As the years have crept along, my back has grown increasingly tired. Ready for a change, I hedged my bets on the new EC Lync System. I have both the 20 and the 22. And in my world, these two make the perfect team. When I arrive at my paragliding destination, I remove the handle from the 20” and use the roller frame to haul my heavier equipment, and then wear the Lync backpack. I love this system! And it’s turning me into a roller bag believer!

All that to say, I do still use a travel backpack. The Global Companion Travel Pack is perfect when paired with the EC Lync 22. For items that are utilized more regularly, I space away in the GC Travel Packs because of its easy accessiblty from all angles (no creating mess attempting to reach your way to the bottom of the backpack).

I use the Pack-It eCubes to protect my camera equipment and sensitive electronics, but also for organizing, and effectively packing my carry-on. I have been organizing batteries, GoPros, chargers, and other odds and ends in Eagle Creek Pack-It Sacs and Cubes for years and find that keeping everything sorted from the beginning takes away a major stressor (aka endlessly searching for where I put my things). I also use the large Pack-It Compression Sacs for packing clothes on the way to wherever I’m going, and storing dirty laundry on the way back. It also protects my gear if something spills on my checked baggage or if my bag is left on a rainy tarmac.

In terms of must-haves, I never leave home without my Easy Blink Eye Shade and ear plugs. It’s absolutely essential for me to be able to create an environment I can recharge in. And, when travelling abroad I also bring the USB International Travel Adapter. I guess you could say, I’ve definitely got my system down.