Minimalist Travel: How to Pack for All Four Seasons in One Carry-On

Minimalist Travel: How to Pack for All Four Seasons in One Carry-On

Written by Justin Fricke on

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Minimalist Travel: How to Pack for All Four Seasons in One Carry-On


Packing for a big trip can be strenuous. You need to have at least a rough outline of your travels what you plan to do, but that doesn’t leave too much room for spontaneity. Packing half your closet, just in case, is one strategy — but airline fees are too high for that. Our suggestion? Downsize to a small, carry-on bag—even if you’re going to a country where you could experience all four seasons in one day, like Ecuador. It’s possible, we promise! Here’s how to keep your load light and your costs down.

Luggage: First, you’re going to need a solid bag. Pick something that suits your style and fits your trip needs. A great option is the EC Lync Carryon convertible wheeled backpack. It’s so versatile that you can use it as a duffle or a backpack, and expand it to fit a little extra inside.

Shoes: Next, you need to take care of your feet. Shoes take up some of the most room, so you want to be strategic here. For everyday wear, pack a (super comfortable) pair of shoes that works on the trails and in the city. For guys, we suggest The North Face’s Ultra Fast Pack; for the ladies, we The North Face’s Ultra Fast Pack II. If you’re bringing more than one pair of shoes — we suggest a pair of sandals or dress shoes for city excursions— pack the extra pair in the Shoe Sac; your muddy shoes shouldn’t dirty up your clean clothes.

Clothes: Pack comfortable and versatile items, like a breathable button-down shirt or a base layer tee. Dress these up or down with key accessories, and pack several to layer when it’s chilly. Pack versatile pants — yes, even the kind that zip off into shorts — and a waterproof and warm jacket. Pro tip: If you run out of room in your carry-on for a jacket, slide it through one of the loops on your backpack. Fold your clothes neatly, and wrinkle-free, into the Garment Folder Medium. Let all your shirts and shorts (or pants) lie flat in the Garment Folder, so they take up less space.

Toiletries: Throw all your toiletries in the Wallaby, a part of the Eagle Creek Pack-It™ family; the system makes it ridiculously easy to organize your carry-on. Stick to travel-sized items of essentials, even if your trip is long. After all, you can always stock up at local stores and pharmacies.

Accessories: Although you shouldn’t pack your finest jewelry on a big trip, there are some smaller items that can make a big difference in your wardrobe. For men, that might mean a belt or a stylish watch. For women, a pretty pashmina or a bold necklace can spruce up an otherwise plain outfit. Use the Pack-It™ Sacs to stash those easy-to-lose items— and throw your socks, underwear, and phone cords in Packing Cubes.

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