How To Pack For Norway: The 5 Step Solution

How To Pack For Norway: The 5 Step Solution

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How To Pack For Norway: The 5 Step Solution

How To Pack For Norway: The 5 Step Solution


Norway is a beautiful country with a wide range of dramatic landscapes — from the fjords of the eastern coast to the craggy mountains of the interior. That diversity is exactly what makes packing for a Norway trip challenging. Follow these five steps to take the stress out of packing — so you can enjoy your big Norwegian adventure!

Step 1: Pack For The Trip You Are Taking

This sounds obvious, but building a packing list around the kind of trip you are taking is very important. If you’re planning on a very specific outdoor activity—fjord climbing, ice fishing—find out exactly what you need and what is available in town. An important note: If you will rely on public transportation to get from place to place, packing conservatively will make it easier to lug your suitcases around. Getting everything into one or two bags should be your target. The bottom line: Know before you start packing what you’re going to do and see in Norway.

Planning Tip: As you book your trip and activities, ask about any gear you may need to provide yourself.

Step 2: Find The Right Bag

Anyone who travels knows that having the right baggage for your trip makes everything more comfortable. One great goal when picking out luggage: Select bags that can serve double duty. If I plan on any hiking or backpacking, I try to choose a carry-on bag that can double as a hiking backpack, like these lightweight backpacks. That way, once I get to my destination I can shift gear around and free up a bag for adventure activities.

Bag Tip: When selecting a backpack, comfort is important. Take your time choosing a bag, try it on, and make sure you would be comfortable wearing it for hours.

Step 3: Pick Proper Clothing

Having just the right amount of clothing will go a long way toward keeping you comfortable and keeping your luggage size reasonable. If you are staying along the southern coast, winters can be quite mild but wet, so you will want to pack layers with a waterproof outer layer. The interior can be very cold, so be prepared for frigid temperatures with heavy winter jackets and insulating layers, especially if your trip includes any outdoor activities.

Summer in Norway can be pleasant, with long daylight hours and temperatures that reach the mid 80s, with little to no humidity. Pack shorts, your hiking boots, and (yes!) swimwear.

Clothing Packing Tip: Use Pack-It Compression Sacs to reduce the size of your bulky winter clothing and keep laundry separate and clean.

Step 4: Gather the Right Electronics

Some people like to completely disconnect when they set out on an adventure, but for others, sharing the adventure is part of the fun. Regardless of your digital stance, don’t forget your camera to capture the trip; considering bringing a tablet or laptop so you can share those photos on the go. Traveling from the US or other countries outside of Europe? Don’t forget to pack will a power adaptor like the Universal Travel Adapter Pro.

Electronics Tip: Pack several smaller memory cards for your camera rather than one large memory card—if you lose one card, you won’t lose all your images

Step 5: Consider Medicine and Toiletries

Norway can get pretty pricey, and one way to offset some of your costs is to plan ahead. Be sure to bring all your toiletries rather than purchasing them in Norway. If there is any over-the-counter-medication that you use, take it with you — it might be harder to find in Norway.

Medicine and Toiletries Tip: When traveling with over-the-counter medicine, leave it in the packaging so airport security can identify it.