How to Organize Your Car With Pack-It™

How to Organize Your Car With Pack-It™

How to Organize Your Car With Pack-It™

How to Organize Your Car With Pack-It™


We spend a lot of time in our cars. I bet you spend at least one hour a day, if not more, commuting to and from work. It’s no wonder our cars get cluttered and disorganized. It’s time to change that.

Here are three places to use the Pack-It™ System to organize your car and, most importantly, keep it that way:

Glove Box

When was the last time you saw the bottom of your glove box? Probably when you bought your car. The glove box is a convenient storage space that you’re just not using effectively. Let’s start with your insurance card and registration: Stash them both in your Pack-It Sac: Small. The water-resistant fabric will keep your most important documentation safe from small spills and rain.

Next up: Those items in your glove box that you need, just not as often. Pack a tire repair kit, tire pressure gauge, or a little emergency roadside kit. Keep it all together in a Pack-It Specter Cube. They’ll fit nicely inside the pouch and won’t go sliding around in your glove box.

Ever dangle your sunglasses from the rearview mirror, leave them in a cup holder or, even worse, on the dashboard? Don’t do that. Stop doing that. Promise yourself you’re never going to do that again. Hide them in a Pack-It™ Sac Extra Small and stash the pouch in your glove box. The sac will keep your lenses out of sight — and safe from scratches.

Center Console

The center console should house items you use frequently — and that seem to disappear just as frequently. Step one: Quit putting that loose change in your cup holder. You forget about it, and all those coins get sticky from slightly overflowing drinks. Take all that extra change, toss it in your Pack-It™ Sac Small, and store that in your center console.

Another nuisance that could make you a target for theft: All those charging cables (they announce you own some pricey devices). Put your auxiliary cable, GPS components, phone charger, and other electronics in a Pack-It™ Half Tube Cube. They’ll all stay together and you won’t lose them at the bottom of your center console ever again.

Under the Seat

You live an active life, and that’s awesome. It doesn’t mean your car should suffer. Keep those post-work (or pre-work) gym clothes tidy and underneath a seat. You want to keep them clean and off the ground, so pack them into a Pack-It Sport™ Wet/Dry Fitness Locker. Stash your fitness gear in one of the bags, and store your fresh work clothes on the other.

Finally, keep your shoes separate from your clothes. Stuff those stinky sneakers into a Pack-It Sport™ Shoe Locker Regular or Shoe Locker Large. They won’t stink up your car, and all the dirt and filth locked into the soles will stay in the locker. With a quick shake, all the dirt will be cleaned out of the locker.

With all these Pack-It possibilities, there’s no need to have a messy car. 

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