How to Master Last-Minute Packing

How to Master Last-Minute Packing

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How to Master Last-Minute Packing

How to Master Last-Minute Packing


It doesn’t matter whether you chronically suffer from “pack-crastination,” or are a first-time offender, it’s time to get that rolling luggage packed—and fast! While time is definitely of the essence, it’s still important to pack the essentials. Take a breath (or two!) and transform your mad-packing dash into an efficient experience with these five tips: 

1. Get organized The few minutes you take to organize your packing approach will give you a better chance at remembering all the essentials—so you don’t waste tons of time at your destination looking for a 24-hour drugstore or a shopping mall. Review your travel itinerary, your lodging’s amenities (or lack thereof) and the weather forecast at your destination, and then make a packing list. Before putting everything in the your suitcase or gear bag, lay it out to make a visual double check - if you’ve forgotten underwear, this time, you’ll notice! 

2. Stick with versatile items Stop spending time looking for clothes to match your favorite floral blazer: it’s going to sit this trip out! Put together the maximum number of outfits with the minimum amount of time by selecting pieces in solid colors or patterns that can easily be mixed and matched. Put potential matches side by side before packing to confirm every piece pulls its weight in versatility! 

3. Pack Smart It’s not just what you pack, but how you pack that counts. After determining what will go in your travel bag, take advantage of the Eagle Creek Pack-It System to pack all items as efficiently as possible. T-shirts can be rolled and compressed in the Pack-It Specter™ Cube, and undergarments can stay organized in the Pack-It Specter™ Half Cube. Items that wrinkle more easily are best stored in a Pack-It™ Garment Folder after folding with the included folding board. Keep small items, such as phone chargers and cords from getting lost or tangled in your bag with the Pack-It™ Sac, and helps prevent toiletry leaks with the water-resistant Pack-It Specter™ Quick Trip

4. Nix items you aren’t going to use (or are afraid of losing) What goes in the suitcase: very important. What stays out of it: equally so. Aside from very small sentimental items, nothing should go in your luggage that won’t be used throughout the trip. It takes time to pack those sentimental and valuable items, which should never be packed if you couldn’t bear to lose them. Although the chance of losing your checked luggage is less than 1 percent, it is always a possibility. Pack with care, and increase your chances of getting any misplaced luggage back by clearly writing all of your contact information on luggage tags

5. Weigh Your Options The last thing you want in your mad dash at the airport is to have to repack your bag at check-in. Know your airline’s baggage limit ahead of time, and start minimizing the weight of your items before packing begins by selecting a lightweight bag (such as the Tarmac AWD 28) and lightweight Pack-It solutions (such as the 2.2 ounce Pack-It Specter™ Cube Set). Wear your bulkier, heavier items, such as coats and boots, to further cut down on your checked bag’s weight and size.

Finally, confirm ahead of time that your travel bag is light enough with an easy to pack luggage scale. 


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