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coworker gift guide

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coworker gift guide


You spend at least 60 percent of the week with them so it makes sense you want to find the perfect gifts for your coworkers. These essential gift ideas cover everyone in the office, from the interns to the big boss.    


It’s that time of year: Christmas carols are played in a perpetual loop and the pressure is percolating to find the best gift for everyone—that means a gift for your travel-loving parents,your pet sitter (who probably also loves to travel!), and even a gift for your city-loving besties.

Luckily, there’s one area in your life where you can breathe easy: We’ve taken care of your work life. From the boss to the interns, we’ve compiled a list for those oh-so-tough-to-shop-for people: your coworkers. Here are 15 gift ideas that will take you through any number of secret santas, inter-office gift exchanges, and even a few ideas that say to your boss: Here’s something thoughtful just for you (now please approve my request for more vacation time!) 


Gift Ideas for the Intern

Let’s be honest: Interns often get shafted on the gift front. Their existence can be ephemeral both in the sense of timing and how well you actually get to know them. But, that’s no reason to leave them out of the Christmas and holiday fun.

Give this temporary coworker a gift that is incredibly useful yet can have multiple meanings, like the Ultralight TSA Lock ($10). If the intern is doing well, it says, “You’ve got this job locked down!”; if not, it says, “good luck traveling on.” Or, for those who seem a bit … scattered … the Pack-It Original Mini Quilted Cube Set ($25) can gently help them get their stuff together and keep their desk just that bit tider.


Gift Ideas for Your Assistant

Your assistant is your lifeline at the office—he or she deserves a gift that shows appreciation for their contributions for all they do, as well as stand out as something special. Does your assistant take the weight of the work day off of your shoulders? Make it easier for him or her to carry it with the Wayfinder 20L backpack for women or men ($79). If your assistant loves traveling, compression Smartwool socks for women or men ($36) that are as stylish as they are supportive make long flights more bearable.


Gift Ideas for Your Coworker

Ah, your coworkers. Here’s perhaps the most difficult gift-giving segment of your holidays. It’s a delicate dance between finding thoughtful, appropriate gifts for those you work closely with and not forgetting Milton down in the basement.

For your charitable coworker who is always lending a helping hand, these striped knit mittens ($27) from Smartwool will show your appreciation.

For the travel-loving coworkers who spend as much time on a plane as they do in the office, a Travel Pillow (from $18) or Sandman Eyeshade ($16) will ensure they’re cozier than ever on their next adventure.

Do you have a super fit coworker who spends the other half of his or her life at the gym? The Migrate Duffel 40L ($79) makes the perfect gym bag thanks to a water repellent coating developed by harvesting windshield plastics from landfills in Asia, which  makes it easy for him or her stow sweaty (and possibly smelly) clothes after a good workout. Need a more budget friendly option? Help fill their gym bag with a Travellite Towel ($29) or a handy Pack-it Original™ Clean Dirty Cube ($23), which will keep those dirty and smelly clothes separates once packed inside.

For your coworker who spends as much time planning for their next music festival as they do work, gifting the Wayfinder Waist Pack ($40) shows that you appreciate a good hippy dance as much as they do.

And for that disorganized person who can never find anything on their desk, gift a set of packing sacs ($40)—they come in such fun prints your coworker will happily start tidying their desk for the chance to zip and unzip these beauties. And if they’re a travel lover, an RFID Travel Zip Organizer ($40) is a thoughtful way to help them keep things together no matter where they wander.


Gift Ideas for the Boss

Remember that scene in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” when Clark leaves his present for his boss on top of the stack of identical presents? You don’t have to be Clark this year.

For the boss who’s constantly on the road, the Convertabrief ($199) is the perfect gift. It boasts plenty of internal organization and lockable zippers, plus it can be carried like a backpack, an over the body bag, or by the handles to help speed through security.

And for the boss who uses every bit of vacation time for adventuring, the Cargo Hauler Wheeled Duffel ($179) will provide a lightweight (four pounds!), durable solution for all of their off-the-clock travel.

Still curious about the best travel-themed gifts for everyone else on your list? From gift ideas mom and dad to options your outdoor-loving best friend, the Ultimate Travel Gift Guide will point you in the right direction.


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