Expertly Pack Your Jewelry for Tangle-Free Necklaces


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    Expertly Pack Your Jewelry for Tangle-Free Necklaces

    Tired of your accessories ending up a tangled mess when you travel? Follow this guide on how to pack your jewelry like an expert does and arrive at your destination ready to sparkle.

    Accessories are a great way to add variety to what you’re wearing when you’re traveling—particularly when celebrating a special occasion or taking lots of photos—without packing a hundred different outfits. Jewelry can be unwieldy to pack, however, leading to missing earrings or tangled necklaces. We’ve gathered the best jewelry packing hacks from our travel experts so that on your next trip, you can accessorize without a hitch.



    First things first: we recommend putting jewelry in your carry-on bag, where you can have valuables and other important items close at hand. Also, don’t place your jewelry (or passport, phone, or wallet) in an outer pocket of your bag where they can easily be targeted for theft—keep them in an inner zipper pocket. We also suggest you don’t bring anything too valuable along with you while you travel, just in case. The Pack-It Reveal Slim Cube is one Eagle Creek organizer that fits neatly into your carry-on bag and helps maximize space—use it for jewelry!

    Cargo Hauler XT 21.5" Wheeled International Carry On Duffel
    Pack-It Reveal Slim Cube



    Over the years of racking up lots of traveling miles under our belts, we’ve learned some great tips and tricks utilizing items you probably already have at home. Those handy pill organizers with sections for days of the week make a great option to store studs, small earrings, and rings, while larger earrings like hoops or dangling styles work well in a clean, empty mint tin (you can place a cotton ball on top to keep them from jangling around). O-Rings or carabiners are great for keeping rings and bracelets linked together. No matter what container or organizational tool you’re using, you can stow them all in the Pack-It Isolate Sac Set to keep them all in one place, so you won’t forget where you’ve stashed all your jewelry. Use the smaller bag to keep smaller accessories together and the medium size for your larger accessories. Then you can put both bags inside the larger bag and packed into your carry-on.



    One great trick for keeping necklaces with delicate chains tangle-free is by looping the chain through a paper straw (please don’t use plastic!) and clasping the ends together on the outside. You can trim the straws down for shorter necklaces. Larger necklaces with chunky beads and baubles can be rolled in a washcloth and secured at either end with a rubber band or hair tie. Both the necklaces on straws and the rolls can then be put into a slim organizer like the Pack-It Gear Quick Trip and then stashed in your bag. 

    Pack-It Gear Quick Trip



    You can also combine your toiletries and jewelry into one well-organized bundle with the Pack-It Hanging Toiletry Kit, which offers zip and elastic pockets to store both larger and smaller items and. It is made of durable material and stores flat to pack away easily when you’re not on the road.


    Accessories are a great way to add style and versatility to your look when you travel. They can add a completely fresh look to outfits that may get worn more than once on a trip. These pro packing hacks will make tangled necklaces, lost rings, and missing earrings a thing of the past—all the while putting Eagle Creek’s cleverly designed Pack-It organizers to work!