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Golden State Waist Pack

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Golden State Waist Pack

Have you been eyeing a fanny pack for travel but are unsure as to when (and how!) to take the plunge? Here are four examples of when waist packs—the new fanny pack—are essential for traveling.

In the late 80s and early 90s, fanny packs were almost ubiquitous with everyone from pop stars to weekend warriors. However, as with all good things, the fanny pack was rendered decidedly uncool when dads starting sporting them (thanks, Dad). However, in the past few years, fanny packs—often worn crossbody and called waist packs—have made a definitive comeback to cool thanks to certain celebrities (cough, Kendall Jenner, cough) donning them.

Chance are, you might have been eyeing one of these super versatile waist packs. But if you were held back by the questions of “but where would I wear it?” and “are fanny packs good for travel?” we’re here to help. From summer festivals to adventurous international travel to keeping your belongings safe while traveling, here are four examples of situations when a travel fanny pack is definitely de rigueur.

Frolicking at Festivals

One of the most popular places for a fanny pack is at a festival. Whether you’re dancing with thousands of your friends at a music festival or sipping and sampling at a culinary festival, having your hands free is essential. However, maneuvering among crowds is difficult when wearing even a slim backpack (if you’ve been inadvertently assaulted by an oblivious backpack wearer, you know what I mean). Solution? Rock a medium-sized waist pack and you can keep your sunscreen, phone, wet wipes, and other essentials close at hand even when you’re in the crush at the front of the stage (and as a bonus, fanny packs are great for travel safety: By not storing your phone in your back pocket, you deter would-be pickpockets).

Adventurous Activities

One of the first references to fanny pack was in an ad in 1954 purporting it was useful for cross-country skiers to hold their “wax and lunch,” but was also useful for “cyclists, hikers, equestrians.” More than 60 years later, the same holds true. Whether you’re on a cruiser bike tour around the city or hiking to a natural pool for a refreshing dip, having your hands free but your necessities easily accessible is crucial. After all, no one wants to pull over (on the road or on a trail) for you to dig out your SPF30 lip balm from the bottom of a backpack.

Carrying-on for a Cheap Flight

Airfare is becoming more economical thanks to budget airlines and their screaming deals. The downside of these cheap flights? They come with limits on how much luggage you can bring. Before you resign yourself to just that one backpack that fits under the seat as your personal item, consider a bit of covert packing and add a small fanny pack. Discreet and useful, a waist pack can fit under a flowy top and cold weather layer and give you room for more essentials. Second bag? What second bag?

Precarious Photo Ops

Sometimes the best photos that you’ll take on vacation are those that are snapped spur of the moment. But if your camera is not close at hand, you might miss the perfect shot as you donkey trek through the Grand Canyon or paraglide in Turkey. Utilize a fanny pack (or a crossbody bag might work well for high adventure trips) and you’ll have easy access to your camera or phone so that you can unzip, grab and snap with just a few quick moves. After the pic is procured, it’s back into your handy pack it goes, ready and waiting for the next perfect shot.

So there you have it—four times that a fanny pack is the perfect travel bag. But why stop there? There are plenty of other occasions to rock the bum bag, as the Brits call it. The only limits are your imagination.

Where are your favorite places to rock a travel waist pack? Let us know and share a pic on Instagram .

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