Are Fanny Packs Back In Style? 7 Comeback Reasons

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If you think of fanny packs as some lame, polyester bag from the ‘80s, think again. Let’s talk about why fanny packs are back in style.

Long gone are the ‘90s-era polyester fanny packs. They’ve been reimagined as waist packs and are suddenly cool again—celebrities are wearing them (thank you, Leo DiCaprio and Rihanna) and they’ve been featured on the runway by Gucci, Marc Jacobs, and Prada. But beyond the cool kids wearing them, here are some more practical reasons why fanny packs are popular again for both men and women—and why you shouldn’t be afraid to join the club.

Why Fanny Packs are Back

They Offer Cooler Fabrics Now

Fanny packs are no longer made from the cheaper polyester material that many know and love (or hate) from the ‘80s and early ‘90s. Now, there are many different fabric choices to choose from, depending on whether you’re hitting town for the night or enjoying a picnic with friends at the local park.

Fanny Packs are Perfect for Travel

When traveling to a new place—especially one where you might stand out as a tourist—having a fanny pack can be crucial! A medium-sized waist pack is the perfect size for carrying everything you need close to your body so you won’t draw unnecessary attention to your belongings as you walk in crowded public spaces. Fanny packs keep pickpocketers at bay when in any big city, and packs with many pockets ensure that your cellphone is quickly accessible so you never miss a photo op.

They’re Just Convenient

If you’ve ever dug through your bag just to find your chapstick and pulled everything out first … maybe a fanny pack is what you need. Fanny packs are back in style because they offer loads of pockets and zippers—you can now easily keep things organized to tackle your work day, a day hiking with friends, or that epic summer music festival you have planned. There are even pockets large enough to fit your passport, tablet, and phone, keeping them safe and secure so you can use it as a personal item on a flight.

Fanny Packs Let You Pack Light

Do you really need five different color lipsticks, moisturizer, and a mint from that Mexican restaurant you went to weeks ago in your bag? A fanny pack’s compact nature minimizes the amount of stuff you carry around, so you stick to packing just the essentials.

Waist Packs are Great for Solo Travelers

With the right fanny pack, solo travelers can keep their stuff in a smaller space and on their person, which can come in handy when you don’t have anyone with you to watch your valuable belongings when you’re distracted or just in a bathroom.

Fanny Packs Just Look Good

While you can certainly go traditional when styling your fanny pack—just clip the belt around your waist to wear at your hip—this is not the only option. Now that fanny packs are back, they’ve created their own trends. Consider wearing your fanny pack as a trendy crossbody sling bag—just loop the belt over one shoulder and around your opposite side. Your pack should sit higher than a traditional crossbody bag, with the pouch sitting across your chest when you need quick access to your stuff, or behind your pack when on the move. Want an understated style? Layer your fanny pack—just tuck it under a jacket for an out-of-the-way carrying spot.

Perfect Hiding Place

The fanny pack was once the best place to hide your stuff from an annoying little sibling. Today, nothing has changed! Now, you can shove your iPhone, earbuds, or latest Etsy-handcrafted jewelry in your fanny pack and keep your secrets.

If you’re not ready to make the leap to a fanny pack just yet, try a crossbody messenger bag instead. No matter what you’re doing or where you’re going, you’re going to need something useful, functional, and cool-looking to carry your stuff.

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