Blogger Packing List: Packing for a Ski Trip

Blogger Packing List: Packing for a Ski Trip

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Blogger Packing List: Packing for a Ski Trip

Blogger Packing List: Packing for a Ski Trip

Before you hit the slopes you’ll want to ensure you’re bringing all the right items with you on your ski trip. Use this packing list to be prepared – and stay warm! – throughout your adventure.

Whether you are about to go on your first ski trip ever or your 100th, there are a few key items that you want to make sure you pack every time to make your trip the most enjoyable. There are the obvious items like your ski or snowboard boots and your actual skis or snowboard (or perhaps you don’t need to worry about those if you’re renting equipment on the hill) and then there are the not-so-obvious items. Even though most of what you might forget will probably be available for sale at the ski shop on the slopes, those items will be incredibly overpriced if you have to buy them there. So, use this list to pack well and remember all of the important items you’ll need for a fun trip.

1. Layers

While skiing you will get warm and if you are wearing layers like a t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, fleece and then jacket you can peel them off one by one to cool yourself down and then you can easily throw them back on for the chilly ride on the chair lift to the top of the slope. Avoid layers made of 100 percent cotton; they will get damp and actually make you chillier as the day goes on. Instead look for breathable performance fabrics that wick moisture/perspiration away from your skin while keeping rain and snow out.

2. Organizers

To get yourself on the ski slopes as quickly as possible, you’ll want to make sure you’ve packed in an incredibly organized fashion. Using organizers is an easy and almost fun way to do this. It’s like turning your suitcase in a life-sized version of Tetris! Ski goggles, hat, scarf and mittens are your key necessities for your trip. They help protect you from the elements to keep you on the slopes longer. To keep them together in one spot and easily accessible so you can open your bag, grab them, and hit the slopes, you should consider something like the Pack-It Specter Cube, meant especially for holding items just like this.

3. Warmers

On most mountains the weather can change pretty quickly. One moment the sun can be shinning and the next it’s a windy blizzard. To keep yourself warm all day long, bring warmers with you. Available for your mittens and boots, warmers are filled with iron powder that when shaken become activated and produce heat,  keeping you warmer and on the slopes for longer. You can easily order warmers online or pick them up at your local outdoor store.

4. Lots of Socks

It’s always recommended to bring lots and lots of wicking/quick dry socks on your ski trip. Sport specific socks are great for skiing, and will prevent you from having to change your socks halfway through the day. If you don’t bring sport specific socks, you’ll most likely need to change your socks half way through the day because the socks you are wearing will be soaked from sweat. However, it is nice putting a new pair of fuzzy socks on your frozen toes at the end of long day on the slopes.

5. Money Holder

Whether you are craving a nice warm hot chocolate or hanging out with friends for some après ski drinks you are going to want some cash on hand and you never know when your ID and other cards might be needed. While on the slopes you won’t want to be skiing with your purse or bulky wallet in your pocket, so a money belt or neck wallet will be more convenient and practical. Did we miss any key items on our packing list? What else would you suggest? Tell us in the comments below. Keep cozy and safe travels! 

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