4 Travel Podcasts to Satisfy Your Wanderlust

travel podcasts

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travel podcasts


Podcasts allow you to travel around the globe by simply putting on your headphones. These top travel podcasts will satisfy your travel wanderlust—even when you’re stuck at work or home.


For the travel obsessed among us, there’s nothing like having your next trip scheduled on the calendar so you can pack up your favorite duffel and get out and explore, taste, and see this beautiful world. But when you’re stuck at home or sitting at work in your cube with no travel in the foreseeable future, you really need something else to satiate your wanderlust. Enter: travel podcasts.

Podcasts about travel can transport you across the globe by simply putting on your headphones. From listening to the plight of trekkers in the Sahara desert, to tales of RVs trips across the United States, the stories on travel podcasts can feel uplifting and inspiring.

Travel podcasts also allow you to feel part of a community of voyagers who love to travel as much as you do. You may learn some useful tips, too, like how to fit more in your suitcase with packing cubes and how to best travel with a baby or toddler.

Below are a few of the best travel podcasts that are worth a listen from wherever you are. So put on your travel neck pillow (hey, it might make desk work more comfortable) and give them a listen.


1. Zero to Travel

If you often find yourself daydreaming about breaking away from your day job and traveling long-term, Zero to Travel is the podcast for you. Whether you picture yourself working as a digital nomad or just want to travel full time and live off your savings, you’ll find all kinds of helpful tips for how to make your dreams a reality here. Plus, there are inspiring stories from real people who are traveling full time and how they did it. Recent episodes have included a teacher who travels the globe by teaching English online and advice on how to successfully sail around the world.


2. Amateur Traveler

If you’re looking for some inspiration or just don’t know where you’d like to travel to next, Amatuer Traveler has you covered. This popular podcast focuses on a single destination each week and interviews someone who has been there recently, lived there, or has written a book about the locale. That way, you really get to know about each place and what you should do, see, and eat there. Episodes vary far and wide from Ecuador to France to Asheville, North Carolina.


3. Women Who Travel

If you’re a female who loves to explore, you’ll dig the Women Who Travel podcast. The editors and travel experts at Condé Nast Travel produce it, so you know they are going to have some amazing stories to share. Plus, you’ll get to hear episodes about traveling safely as a woman going solo, how to budget for future tips, and more.


4. Dirtbag Diaries

For all you adventure seekers out there, take a listen to Dirtbag Diaries. This popular podcast has been around since 2007 and focuses on adventure travel to discover activities like climbing, skiing, hiking, biking, and running. Episodes have included a look at Leadville, Colorado, home to some of the top endurance racing in the United States, as well as an interview with a family who owns a backcountry ski lodge in the mountains of British Columbia.


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