Best Times to Book Flights

The Best Time to Book Your Flight

When's the best time to book a flight and get the best price? Does knowing when to book give you anxiety? We are here to help you make the best decisions for your next flight to your adventure destination. Listen up for the best time frames of when to book those upcoming flights. (Hint: Sundays and Tuesdays.) Plus some tips and tricks to how to get the best deal. Travel Expert, Jessica, shares how to make booking flights a breeze! Have you got more tips?? Share with us and your fellow travelers in the comments below!


Want to know how far in advance to book your flight to get the best deal? Or the cheapest day of the week to book? Find out now and start planning your trip.


Airfare can be one of the biggest expenses of your trip. But there are easy ways to save money on flights, just by booking at the right time. 

The first consideration is the season in which you’ll be traveling. If you’re planning a trip for the winter, it’s best to book two months in advance. For spring, three months out is ideal. In the fall, it’s most cost-savvy to book two and a half months in advance. And for summer, peak travel season, the procrastinator can save big—booking only a month and a half in advance is the best way to get a good price.

Choosing the right day of the week to book can also be a big cost-saver. The perfect day to book? Drum roll please … Tuesdays! The thinking behind this is that airlines usually announce new deals on Monday nights, so by Tuesday afternoon, many of the other airlines are trying to match the deals, thus saving you money. 

Setting up price alerts for your travel destinations can also save you money, as can credit card travel hackingGoogle Flights is a good option for tracking, but there are others, like Skyscanner, that offer low price alerts as well. Simply input your destination and your potential travel dates, and these will shoot you an email when the flights reach a lower than average price. If you have flexible dates, you can also use Google Flights to see which days have the cheapest flights.

If you see a price that seems too good to be true, check the fine print. Some of the budget airlines charge for everything from choosing your seat to bringing a carry-on bag. On most airlines, bringing just a carry-on is another great way to save money. Worried you won’t be able to fit everything? Compression sacs will help you squeeze in everything you want to bring.


So you’ve got your great deal—now get packing! Don’t forget to check out our best advice for getting through airport security faster and expert tips for long distance flights (hint: a neck pillow and eye mask are always a good idea!)


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By Jessica Dodson on July 12, 2019

Jessica was in-house with Eagle Creek for more than 9 years and loves sharing her passion for travel with others. She’s been all over Europe, to Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Kenya, Russia, Argentina, Uruguay and so many more places. She is a legit world travel and loves connecting with people and places through authentic experiences. You’ll see Jessica hosting Eagle Creek’s packing and product videos… and she remains a close friend of the brand. If you want to give her a follow on Instagram (@jdodsonian), she’ll be hiking the Camino del Santiago and living her best life in Europe and South America in the very near future.