Best New Accessories for Organized Travelers

Best New Accessories for Organized Travelers

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Best New Accessories for Organized Travelers

Best New Accessories for Organized Travelers


Traveling should be a joy, but it can be a total pain in the neck if you're a disorganized packer. Who wants to deal with jumbled electronic cords and chargers, shampoo bottles that spill all over the clothes inside your suitcase, or important documents that fall out of your pockets and get lost or stolen because they're not securely stowed?

Cut the stress and organize your journey with these helpful devices, apps, and organizational tools!

Grab a Checklist

Before you start stuffing random things into your suitcase, plan ahead. Eagle Creek's Checklist has boxes to check for just about anything that could possibly go in your bag, which makes left-behind toothbrushes a thing of the past!

Buy the Right Luggage

When it comes to packing, we’d like to amend the old adage: It’s what’s on the inside AND outside that counts. Durable on the outside, many of Eagle Creek’s carry-ons have a 3-1-1 pocket, compression straps, and internal organization for versatile travel needs. Make sure to use Packing Folders, Cubes and Sacs to minimalize wrinkles and organize the chaos inside your travel bag. (Prices Vary)

Organize Wires

Believe it or not, you don't have to live with tangled wires. Organize your Pack-It Sacs by winding every charger and headphone cord into Bobino Cord Wraps, which come in small, medium, and large sizes. This will help prevent the wires from breaking—and you'll never have to spend 10 minutes getting rid of wire knots again (hooray!). (MSRP $2.95 to $4.95).

Stow Laptops and Tablets Wisely

Digging out your laptop and tablet at every TSA checkpoint can get annoying if you don't know where they are. Fly through these security screenings by using Eagle Creek's Convertabrief, a carry-on bag that has pockets for both types of electronics and opens flat on a conveyer belt so you don't have to remove either gadget (MSRP $175).

Store Small Gadgets

Electronic devices that aren't too large—like your phone, external hard drive, computer mouse, headphones, chargers, and cords—can be safely strapped to a single board called a Grid-It Organizer by Cocoon. It contains rubberized elastic bands and comes in various sizes. (MSRP $9.99 to $49.99).

Hang Toiletries

What is with hotel bathrooms and their utter lack of cabinets, shelves, and drawers to store toiletries? Avoid clogging up precious counter space by bringing your own hanging toiletries case, such as Eagle Creek's Pack-It Wallaby. With easy-to-access zip compartments and a swivel hook for versatile hanging, your travel vanity might become even more organized than the one that you have at home. (MSRP $36)

Use a Versatile Power Strip

Don’t rely on the outlet placement at your destination to set up an organized workspace. Instead, bring the Belkin travel power strip that turns one three-pronged wall outlet into a three, along with two additional USB charging ports. This nifty device rotates 360 degrees to fit in small spaces, and even serves as a surge protector. ($30)

Pack Liquids Properly

Tired of cleaning up clothes that are wet with body wash that leaked from its container? We don't blame you! Eagle Creek sells leak-proof, silicon bottles (two are three-ounces and two are two-ounces) that come in a clear, one-quart, zippered pouch to prevent spills and make it easier to get through TSA screenings at airports. ($30).

Digitize It

Forget keeping track of numerous pieces of paper, receipts, and brochures. It’s time to digitize your itinerary with Concur's TripIt app, which is accessible on any device. Forward booking e-mails for flights, hotels, and more, and keep your itinerary in one place (Free, $49 for an annual Pro subscription)

Ready for an organized trip? Gear up with the Eagle Creek’s Outfit Me Tool to find the best bags, packing organizers, and accessories for your travel style!

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