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gifts for travelers

Always on the hunt for travel gift ideas but never know where to turn? Perhaps you know a solo traveler or a nervous flyer and you’d love to get creative with their gifts. Find our recommendations for ideal gifts based on personality types and have fun picking one that’s just right for family and friends.

Travel is one of many ways to learn more about yourself and how you respond to different situations experienced during your journeys. And your personal traits do dictate your travel style to a certain extent. Sometimes that might mean sure, you’re a nervous flyer or you’re more forgetful than others. No matter where you or your friends fall on the “it takes all kinds” spectrum, here are some of our picks for the best gifts for travelers, based travel style—gifts so fun and useful you’ll want them yourself!

Gifts for Safety-Conscious Travelers

For cautious travelers who are extra alert with regards their travel plans, how they’ve packed, and all the little details they can address ahead of time, security locks provide peace of mind. The Security Gear Kit ($59) bundled with a Ultralight TSA Lock®, RFID Travel Zip Organizer, and RFID Blocker Money Belt DLX is a travel gift idea you will cherish for yourself and one your recipients can use on every single trip henceforth.

Gifts for Nervous Fliers

Nervous fliers will enjoy comfort blankets and pillows as a gift—consider the Cat Nap Rest Set ($45) which includes a 2-in-1 pillow, eyeshade, and ear plugs. Or for a stocking stuffer idea, gift them a pair of comfortable, slip on sandals like the Base Camp Slides ($35, also available in men’s fit) from the North Face.

Familiarity takes precedence with nervous flyers, so they like to surround themselves with the things they know and enjoy. The Wayfinder Crossbody ($69) has enough space to carry on your person the required essentials to complete your journey without a hitch—it’s a worthy investment for anyone who wants travel days to run more smoothly.

Gifts for Organized Travelers

For the organized traveler who has thought of everything there is possibly to consider, and then some, gifting can be a tad bit of an ordeal. But they can never say no to a tried-and-tested packing cube set. The Pack-it Original™ Starter Set ($46) is perfect for rolled items, innerwear, and anything else you want to stash away without eating up too much space in your bags. It’s a good gift for business travelers, too as the included garment folder will keep their shirts wrinkle-free.

Gifts for Forgetful Travelers

When picking gifts for forgetful people, think a Wristlet Wallet ($35), a Packing Sac Set ($40) of little pouches to neatly organize cords and other wiring for devices, or a Silk Money Belt ($31) that is comfortable enough to leave on all day (and thus they’ll never forget it somewhere!

The USB Universal Travel Adapter ($60) is also great as adapters are almost always necessary for international travel, yet a small item that many forget to throw into their luggage. These can also be saved in suitcases ahead of travel so your traveler forgets them.

Gifts for Stylish Travelers

Making a statement on the go and looking fashionable whether boarding a 16-hour plane ride or alighting from a cross-country road trip is a priority for fashion-conscious travelers. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to gifts for people who travel year-round but consider statement wear like Bender Bold Vans shoes ($80), functional yet trendy clothing like the Vans Drill Chore jacket ($70, also available in men’s fit), and especially a Unisex Waypoing Scarf ($75) from Icebreak, which is made from quality merino wool.

Gifts for Solo Travelers

If you are searching for gifts for solo travelers that need to pack everything they need and want in one concise backpack, the Global Companion ($229, also available in men’s fit) comes with features aplenty, including a safety whistle, pockets and mesh compartments galore, and an ergonomic fit ideal for long-term travel. Go all out and get the Gear Kit ($349), which comes with a full set of packing cubes, and your solo traveler be prepared no matter their final destination.

Gifts for Adventurous Travelers

Depending on their chosen passion, you could have a fun time shopping for the ideal traveler’s gifts that they will appreciate. Consider Timberland Waterproof Hiking Boots ($140, also available in men’s fit), Timberland Sports Shoes ($100, also available in men’s fit), or even Winter Warm Arm Sleeves ($40), which goes to show you went the extra mile in keeping their interests at heart as you found a gift they can use often in their pursuits.

Gifts for Minimalist Travelers

For the bare minimum, basics-only traveler, a Packable Daypack ($32) offers a lightweight yet durable and secure packing option, and the Packable Duffel ($36) is another great gift idea as it’s small but has plenty of room for their basic necessities. For longer journeys, the Tarmac AWD Carry-On ($349) is money well-spent courtesy of the sturdy shell and quality, abrasion-resistant material that can weather serious wear and tear on any trip your traveler has planned.

You’ve got a few ideas to work with but have any of your own to share when it comes to the best gifts for travelers with for different personality traits? Tag us with your best recommendations on Instagram or Twitter !

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