All Ways Secure™ Universal Traveler Backpack

All Ways Secure™ Universal Traveler Backpack

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All Ways Secure™ Universal Traveler Backpack

All Ways Secure™ Universal Traveler Backpack


Some travel bags are engineered with a focus on functionality and features. Others are designed with safety in mind. Still others are created to appeal exclusively to our sense of style. They each have their merits, but it’s rare to find a bag that covers all the bases—the way we want to look, live and travel—the product team at Eagle Creek decided to develop a backpack truly capable of doing it all.

According to Mark, product designer at Eagle Creek, the new All Ways Secure™ Universal Traveler Backpack has taken all of the great features from previous models and added upon them. “It’s now lighter weight, has a larger capacity, and improved organizational pockets”, he says. “It also has increased security features like the RFID Blocker pocket, and accommodates both a laptop and a tablet.”

In this Product Spotlight, we asked Mark to share a bit more about what makes the All Ways Secure™ Universal Traveler Backpack the must-buy bag for 2014.

Q. What was the biggest challenge in creating a backpack for today’s traveler?

A. In this day and age everyone is digitally connected, an entire array of electronic devices, and a variety of travel scenarios that demand different functional needs. Each person has set up a personalized system, so developing a backpack that can accommodate all of these different needs is always a challenge.

Q. Can you explain what All Ways Secure means?

All Ways Secure™ focuses on three key areas of security for the traveler: Anti-Theft, Digital Safe-Zone, and Personal Safety. Each of our Always Secure™ (AWS) travel bags is unique and incorporates all three in some way. Anti-Theft is integrated with lockability and RFID protection features, Digital Safe-Zone with efleece-lined electronic pockets or padded compartments, and Personal Safety with reflectivity accents for nighttime visibility. The comprehensive feature-set of All Ways Secure™ is what Eagle Creek can do to help travelers feel and stay safe on the road.

Q. What aesthetic design elements did you consider to appeal to both business and leisure travelers?

During the design process focused on a clean look with simple design lines that would appeal to both the business traveler and the leisure traveler. We also made sure to add some low profile attachment points to meet the needs of the leisure traveler without looking too "outdoorsy" for the business traveler.

Q. What are the benefits of a backpack versus traditional briefcase?

Wearing a backpack distributes the weight more evenly across your back compared to traditional briefcase carry options. This is especially important with the extra weight of laptops and tablets that everyone is carrying these days.

Q. Airline security is tighter than ever these days. How does this backpack help streamline the checkpoint process?

This backpack has two key features that are great for getting through the airport checkpoint more quickly. First, the Checkpoint Friendly laptop compartment with a butterfly style opening allows you to zip your bag open and lay it flat on the conveyor belt without having to remove your laptop and tablet. Second is the back slip panel which allows the backpack to slide over the luggage handle, allowing you to securely stack your bag on top of your luggage so you can put things in and pull things out without kneeling on the ground to access your bag.

The All Ways Secure™ Universal Traveler Backpack is available online at and through Eagle Creek retailers.

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