Accessories & Gadgets You Can't Leave Home Without

Accessories & Gadgets You Can't Leave Home Without

Written by Maggie Parker on

Maggie Parker is the Assistant Travel Editor at Paste Travel and has written for USA Today, People Magazine, and other publications. Follow Maggie's adventures on Twitter at @Maggie_wp.

Accessories & Gadgets You Can't Leave Home Without

Accessories & Gadgets You Can't Leave Home Without


To help you overcome packing-induced stress (and make a better forecast into your future on the road), we’ve compiled a list of travel accessories that are essential to any trip, no matter what the conditions. This universal checklist will help you pack—sans panic—and ensure you have everything you need for a perfect trip, from take-off to touchdown in your hometown airport.

Eagle Creek Pack-It™ Specter Cube Set If you're buying for someone that carries their life in a bag, make that load a little lighter and organized. The Pack-It Specter Cube Set by Eagle Creek is lightweight, durable, and will organize all their stuff for even the most intense adventures. Whether they are toting gear through the mountains or carrying three months worth of clothes on a European adventure, you'll have their back with this ultimate travel gift (MSRP $38).

Peter Tosh Collaboration Reef Sandals You should never travel without a sturdy pair of flip-flops. We suggest the Peter Tosh Reef Sandals (named for the famous reggae musician) because they’re so supportive that if you do decide to wear them out for the day, your feet won’t be killing you come nightfall. Plus, these Reefs have a secret stash pocket built into them to hide your cash and cards and they include a recycled aluminum pen with refillable ink cartridge. (MSRP $80)

Eagle Creek 2-in-1 Travel Pillow Travel requires you to leave your bed behind—but it doesn’t have to give you a sore neck en route to your destination or after you arrive. This 2-in-1 pillow converts into two shapes: one that contours around your neck on the airplane and one is rectangular like a traditional pillow. Use it for a little extra comfort in those not-so-comfortable places along the way. (MSRP $24)

Sony Alpha NEX-3N The Sony Alpha NEX cameras are ideal for travel because they are compact digital cameras that perform like SLR cameras. You get high quality photos, allowing you to remember your travels exactly how they happened (without requiring you to lug around a heavy traditional camera that you barely know how to use). (MSRP $450)

SteriPEN Traveler Nothing can ruin a trip faster than getting sick, and one of the easiest ways to get sick on the road (particularly in developing nations) is by drinking unpurified water straight from the tap. Constantly buying new water bottles can be costly—not to mention detrimental to the environment—it just makes good sense to make a small investment in a Steripen. Stick this small magic wand in your water to transform your at-risk beverage into a drinkable one. (MSRP $50)

Amazon Kindle Fire HD with WiFi Getting tired of schlepping around a ton of electronics (and all the chargers and wires required). Streamline your gadget life by packing a Kindle Fire which functions as a laptop, tablet, e-reader and camera. It even has Dolby audio and dual stereo speakers so you can jam out to tunes as you’re in transit. (MSRP $139-169)

Eagle Creek World Travel Adapter Few travel annoyances are more frustrating (or common) than arriving in a destination only to realize that you’ve brought wrong adapter—or you have no adapter at all. Avoid that mistake by investing in a universal world travel adapter: This small piece of equipment will keep you plugged in and powered up in more than 150 countries. (MSRP $30)

Able Planet Traveler’s Choice Headphones Whether you want to drown out your fellow passengers or listen to your favorite playlist as you wander through a new city, every traveler needs a trusty pair of headphones. These traveler-approved headphones are comfy, durable, and provide state of the art noise cancellation, qualities that make them perfect for flights with crying babies or adventures through the wilderness. Plus they fold up tightly to fit in your carry-on or daypack without taking up too much room. (MSRP $56)

Sleep Master Eye Mask Don’t let a lack of sleep compromise your trip. This eye mask blocks out light and has a  curved shaping for blink-ability and maximum eye comfort. With this all-natural sleep aid, you’ll get the rest you need so you’re alert and energized for your adventure the next day. (MSRP $10)

Eagle Creek Morphus 22 Now that you know what to pack, you need the perfect piece of luggage to pack it all in. The Morphus 22 is an ideal choice for the traveler who’s constantly changing how and where they’re traveling or needs double the room on the return trip home. The front gear bag can be zipped-off and use the “morphing” technology to create a second full-size bag (a backpack with comfortable straps). It’s also designed to integrate with Eagle Creek’s Pack-It™ System so you can keep all of you travel essentials in order—no matter what you end up tossing in your bag. (MSRP $395)

Which items are always in your suitcase? Share your packing advice by leaving a comment below. Maggie is a NYC-based actress and writer. You can find her writing on,, and Follow her on Twitter at Maggie_wp

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